About Me


Hello, I’m Michael G. Beason and I’m 73 years old and retired. I’m in good health, have all my own teeth, and I have spent the past 50 years reading and studying about how to reach a functional old age and enjoy my time from 70 to 120. The purpose of my website is to share insights and information about what I have learned from¬†extensive reading, research, and using myself as the guinea pig.

I believe there are significant changes in what we know about nutrition and health especially for seniors. Most of us are functioning and making decisions using information that was developed over 50 years ago and much of it was never submitted to any significant testing. So this site will challenge beliefs that we should consider carefully in light of new research.

It wasn’t easy – along the way I developed metabolic syndrome, became obese, lost complete control of my body, developed a case of inflammation and became allergic to coffee, beef, wheat, milk, and a few other things to the point that when I consumed them my back and neck tightened up and a chiropractor brought me only temporary relief even going three times a week. My blood sugar was continuing to rise as it does with metabolic syndrome – I had more blood insulin as my pancreas pumped out what it thought was the solution to my insulin sensitivity issue. Things were not going well. My doctors kept saying, “Eat less, exercise more” and we’ll see.

At some point I decided that everything I thought I knew and everything my doctors thought they knew was leading me down a path – this in the middle of taking Crestor and getting ready to start taking blood pressure medicine along side that. And that path was the one that everyone is absolutely certain you are on.

If you wish to do more than “grow old and sick” and wish to improve your health and well-being then this website should provide significant help over time.

I’m going to make recommendations on books you should read, videos you should watch, and supplements you should take as well as new practices you should adopt. It will be your decision as to whether you follow my recommendations. If you want to get well without spending any time or money you’re probably not ready for what I have for you.

One thing I am sure about – you know what road you’re on now or you wouldn’t be reading this. And you know where that roads goes. In order for things to change for you, you have to change.

Thank you for visiting.