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I’ve spent 30 years reading and studying to prevent what others might say “runs in my family” – obesity, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimers. Yes – my family history doesn’t give me too much hope if I believe that genes determine your future.

I want to emphasize that the new science – research and studies compiled over the past 20 years – is saying something different from what we learned and practiced to get to where we are. And research is proving that nothing – none of our ailments – are permanent or natural or incurable.

Scientific Evidence Shows That You Can…

  • Reverse Diabetes
  • Cure Obesity
  • Reverse Dementia
  • Reverse Alzheimers

There are Some Fundamental Changes in Your Nutrition That Must be Made Once You Realize that Food is Medicine…

  • Eating fat does not make you fat
  • Low fat diets high in carbohydrates are not only making you fat but are killing you
  • Bread has a higher glycemic index than sugar
  • Undiagnosed food allergies cause inflammation which leads to all of the “diseases” you may be experiencing
  • Too much exercise can make you hungry and sabotage your plans
  • Being “skinny” is not the defining characteristic for being healthy

We Have to Wake Up and Smell the Roses…

  • Food and agricultural companies fund most of the research available on food
  • Pharmaceutical companies fund most of the research on drugs
  • Drug companies make more money when you’re sick
  • Medical school teaches doctors to diagnose and prescribe drugs
  • New research and even most clinical case studies take 30+ years to find their way to mainstream health practices

Reading This Blog…

  • I’m going to be writing book reviews and articles I believe are of interest to audience of men over 50 who are looking ahead for prevention as well are reversing symptoms
  • Some of my posts will involve information about our food supply – I believe we should be monitoring develops of that type
  • Some of my posts will involve information about supplements and research related to various products
  • I welcome your feedback to help me focus my interests and what I share

Please follow the posts and comments on this topic here.


6 thoughts on “Health Over 70

  1. This site is a gem! This knowledge needs to get out there. I’m really glad you are creating a site like this, especially for the age group you are targeting.
    My whole fathers side of the family has horrible health problems from diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. I personally believe a lot of their ailments came from their diets and their psychological state. I have been warning my family for years that drug companies make money off disease and not health and to wake up and smell the roses!
    Great job and I look forward to reading more posts from you!

    • Mike
      Thanks for your comments.

      I think we all have loved ones who are getting older and so that makes this a personal interest for most who are over 40.
      Of course the right time to start is not when you’re 70. In order to enjoy perfect health at 70, the right time to start is at or before 50.

      I’ve been speaking to people about their parents and grandparents lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that just getting the information out there will probably not be enough for the folks with older folks starting to show symptoms. Older people with early dementia like my friends mother have their habits and are less likely to want to vary them as their symptoms start to advance.

      For instance, my friend’s mother eats large bags of M&Ms instead of meals almost daily. If he tries to take them away, she gets upset and tries to run away. If he tries to reason with her, she gets angry. His problem isn’t health information it’s how to persuade.

      For ourselves, when we’re young enough to still read and study the research and understand where the problems will come from early enough to do something, all we need to do is convince ourselves. But with our parents and old friends, there’s the additional barrier of cooperation. We might even call that “intervention.”

      Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Great work Michael, so far, so good. I will be looking forward to your posts. I too see it as self evident, that high carb, low fat diets are extremely harmful in the long run. I have been spending the last year trying to reverse all that I thought was true about nutrition and general health. It takes some time! One doctor told me to start drinking moderately. I learned to like it. Problem was, my triglycerides hit the ceiling! He didn’t tell me about that part. I’m sure you have a wealth of knowledge for those of us not ready to clock out yet! Nice post.

    • Sam
      Thanks for your comments.

      We all have loved ones that are moving on in age and starting to develop symptoms. The stats say that in another 10 years we might have 1 in 3 with some form of dementia/Alzheimers.

      After speaking to a number of folks with parents or grandparents with symptoms, I would say that we not only have the challenge of disseminating information, but we also have the challenge of gaining cooperation.

      My friend has a mother who eats a pound of M&Ms almost daily instead of food and she’s starting to advance in dementia symptoms. If he tries to take them away she gets angry and tries to leave. If he tries to discuss it with her she’s too resistive to listen. No matter what he does, he cannot get her cooperation. Many of us have this issue and it’s not a matter of having better information, but in some cases it’s having a model for intervention and having the guts to stick to it.

      It’s clear that I’ll need to study that area more intensively because I originally only looked at the problem as empowering ourselves to make changes based on new information and research.

      It’s clear from your example and others that we probably need to take better charge of our testing. We need to know more frequently what our numbers are doing – A1C, Triglycerides, Insulin, etc. The self-testing market is just starting to appear and I’ve posted on self-test on an article called “Food Sensitivity Testing” elsewhere on this site. Find it here

      Thanks again for your encouragement.

  3. Hello Michael, you are a man after my own heart. What you are writing about on your site is just up my street.

    I’m sorry to hear you have had metabolic syndrome but reading between the lines, it would appear that you are now in control of your own health and not relying on the medical profession to keep you fit because personally, I don’t think it often happens that way. Once you get to a certain stage with medics, they just seem to pile more drugs onto you and you slowly but surely continue going downhill until the end. Both my father and my mother died from medicine, apathy and ignorance from our doctors and our hospital.

    I too have been researching, particularly in the realm of minerals, to find the answers to leading a healthy life throughout our later years. I am so thankful that some people are seeing the light and realizing that big pharma and big agra are in it for the money. The welfare of the patient or customer or shall I say victim is secondary and is not in the best interests of these huge consortiums. They are corrupt and they are in control.

    Thanks for the brilliant article and keep up the good work. Hopefully, those of us who are passionate about this subject, will slowly get through to those who are indifferent. Ches

    • Ches – great comment – very clear and makes some very important statements. Lot’s of realizations in here worth summarizing:
      – almost anything – diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimers, etc. – can be reversed
      – nobody in the food or big-agri-biz can be trusted to provide our food
      – none of the systems that regulate have our welfare at heart
      – the medical profession (through no fault of their own – good people one and all) has been trained to diagnose and prescribe
      – taking medicines for symptoms rather than treating the root cause is a leading cause of death

      Thanks again.

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