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“You stumble to the bathroom in the morning, and as your eyes adjust you notice a cluster of pimples on your face. Ugh. As the day drags on, you can’t shake your sleepiness, your appetite is insatiable even though you’ve been popping potato chips, and you just feel crummy. It might just be a bad day…or it might be a more sinister health issue.

These symptoms could be signaling chronic inflammation. This condition, in its acute form, is natural— it’s the body’s response to infection. It’s when acute inflammation turns into full blown chronic inflammation that things get problematic. Many factors can contribute to this: High sugar diets, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, and poor digestive health can all lead to chronic inflammation, potentially causing accelerated aging, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, dementia, and cancer, just to name a few. Better figure out if you’re inflamed, stat!”

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  1. I stumbled your page by accident, and kept reading out of interest. In fact, I couldn’t stop reading it!
    I found some of the information quite horrifying, but it is very important to put it out there so that people know what signs to look out for, and the best ways to readjust their diet if necessary.
    i actually found your site very reassuring because I’m happy to say that I have none of those symptoms!
    I totally agree with your emphasis on a good diet and the avoidance of all junk and processed food.
    Many thanks for such in-depth information.

    • Chrissie
      Thanks for your comment.
      Although my site is called Health-Over-70, I believe the time to start on that vision is long before we hit 50. I’ve had increasing interest in this topic of inflammation. We’re beginning to see a pattern that ties obesity, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimers, MS, and even Asthma to this condition. Chronic inflammation is sometimes so mild and so pervasive that we don’t really notice the effects of it until we get older and it has had some time to find our weakest link – the organ or body system that is the most susceptible to the continuing affects of inflammation.

      By the time we start to really notice the symptoms and decide we can’t live with them, they have already progressed. A chronic stuffy nose, or mild allergies, turns to asthma in later life. Doctors tell us that asthma is incurable and start dishing out the drugs – inhalers – and pretty soon we have a lot of other worse symptoms from the drugs.

      The same happens with metabolic syndrome and diabetes. We keep gaining weight a little every year, nothing major, but a little puffier in the face, and then we start to pay attention to our diet, but that doesn’t seem to help, and then we get a checkup and our blood pressure has climbed and the doctor is “concerned” and puts us on “monitor” status, and then we develop some headaches, or fatigue, and our blood sugar starts to climb and the doctor says “your A1C is too high” and pretty soon we’re 50 and pushing diabetes with 40 extra pounds.

      Now it sneaks up so slowly we hardly notice. And to make things worse, we put our trust in a doctor who thinks obese people need to eat less and exercise more. I’m not generalizing about doctors, but if they haven’t had any recent certifications like Functional Medicine, then they’re not really up to date on the science and they’re more like to home in on Cholesterol and eating too much fat as the problem. And after you’ve followed their well-intentioned advice for 20 years and haven’t improved but gotten worse, you realize that they’re passing on advice that isn’t working and you need to seek better counsel.

      I consider the article from Thrive Market a “lightweight” romp through the subject and no where near comprehensive in terms of symptoms.

      When most people hear they have inflammation they start looking for something to take – a supplement, something. Thrive Market would love you to think in those terms, but actually the best place to start is to look for what you can give up. It is 10 times more likely that inflammation is coming from something you’re eating than something you’re missing. There are certainly environmental factors as well but here is the short list:
      – lack of sleep
      – stress – inability to “unplug” and “turn off”
      – exposure to environmental toxins – paint, mold, fumes
      – mild to moderate sensitivity to one or more foods (grains, carbs, sugar, dairy)
      – not enough fat in your diet (referring to good fats like Omega-3)

      Scientific consensus is beginning to form that inflammation is at the root of almost all of our modern illnesses – many of which were not growing to epidemic proportions some 30 years ago.

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