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Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.24.27 PMI’m starting my first cleanse today. Some people think of this as a “weight loss cleanse” or a “colon cleanse” but I’m mainly doing it as a detoxifier to try to release some of the heavy metals in my system (I’ve been collecting for a while because I’m 71 years old).

Because there are six bottles for one day, the ingredients include many of the recommended things for this type of cleanse.

I got this from a local juice bar called “Nekter Juice Bar” and the only issue I have with this so far is the amount of sugar in the bottles – the sugar comes from natural sources like beets, apples, etc. but still when you remove the pulp you’re getting very bio-available pure fructose that can metabolize and get into your blood stream very quickly so nothing different from drinking a coke – these are on average about 20g of sugar per bottle.

They conveniently number the bottles 1-6 and of course the ingredients are slightly different for each one. There are no added contents other than fruits and vegetables. I am told, but Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.05 PMcannot verify that the sources are all local farming and organic non-GMO.

As you can see, this first one has the ingredients generally associated with what is called, “Green Drink.”

You generally do not eat during the cleanse but just stick to your bottles and in my experience it takes me about 2 hours to finish one and I haven’t been hungry yet but they say to drink lots of additional water in between (in between what? I’m drowning in liquid and bouncing off the walls from the sugar high – I normally try to stick to 5-10g of sugar per day and then only embedded in the foods I eat – I never add sugar or drink sodas or fruit juice at all.

This next one is a challenge – it’s loaded with lemon juice and cayenne pepper – Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.15 PM
very spicy and tangy with Turmeric – a very healthy root from the ginger family.

Everyone raves about Agave – a cactus derivative – and about Agave syrup and nectar but it’s just another form of sugar – you know, “organic sugar” – the hype that people use to get you to buy stuff! But I doubt you could drink this without it because the lemon and cayenne are super intense.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.23 PM


This next one is still fairly tart with lemon – seems to be the common ingredient recommended for cleanses – lemon and ginger – and this one has some beet in it so it’s very red.

Parsley and Spinach are said to bind to heavy metals and allow them to be extracted through your waste product.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.32 PMAnd this one has coconut charcoal, a substance that is supposed to attract and bind certain types of heavy metals.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.50 PM


This one goes back to the basic ‘Green Drink’ with one added ingredient Swiss Chard.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.59 PM


Now this is the “dessert drink” – it has cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla and almonds – sounds good huh?

Once I get past this cleanse I will update with overall results to this post.


OK it’s two days later and I will give you a quick update on the aftermath. It actually took me two days or 1 ½ days to finish. I just couldn’t finish the 5th bottle until the next morning. The 6th bottle went down pretty quick – it’s like the “dessert” of the 6 bottles but has fats and protein to kind of get you back up and running.

Some people report being hungry during their cleanse but I really didn’t get hungry at all. I felt I was loaded with liquid and I just didn’t get hungry.

Some people report feeling a lot more energy. I can’t say I felt that although I didn’t run out of energy during the day and I didn’t seem to have anything I would call an insulin spike where I felt an energy high and then a low – I was pretty even all day.

Now if I was a 30 year-old person (and assuming obese as I am) it might have affected me different. For instance, someone who is used to chugging down lots of processed foods, carbs, and sugar all day, this 120g of sugar might be a significant improvement and cause them to seriously crave sugar or carbs. Someone who normally consumed 400g of sugar/carbs is going to have a different reaction than I am but I only consume in total about 40g of carbs per day and perhaps sugar is a quarter of that – I don’t add sugar and I don’t eat fruit and I don’t eat grains of any kind. So I realize that this cleanse regimen might really be a lot more challenging for someone used to eating processed foods.

The actually “back-end” didn’t hit until today when I passed perhaps the largest bowel movement I’ve had in many months or even years. It was a very smelly and loose movement that was clearly created by the mass of vegetables and fruits in the cleanse. The smell was encouraging because it told me that the cleanse was moving out toxins otherwise what I drank would not produce that kind of smell. (sorry about the graphic nature of the post)

Now I’m back on normal foods and although I eat whole foods and organic exclusively, I do eat grass fed beef and pork, and eggs, and organic cage-free chicken and I’m noticing those are creeping up to maybe 30-40% of my meals and I don’t feel as good at that level. I’m going to expand my raw vegetables. I ate an all-raw salad as my first meal and it felt very natural with no problems.

I believe I’m going to try this one more day next week and see how that goes. I did lose 4lbs for the day and 2 more today when I had my first bowel movement.


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