Pathways to Health – the Psychological Barriers


Everyone would like to be healthier. But we tend to think about our health as purely a physical challenge – exercise more, eat better, sleep better, etc. The pathways to health also includes some changes we don’t often think about.

Here are some of the challenges:

Aging is Normal

Thinking that all of the symptoms we have such as aching joints, headaches, brain fog, aches and pains, indigestion, lack of energy, high blood sugar, sinus pressure, soar throat, and a thousand more symptoms are all part of the “aging process.”

But they aren’t. They’re part of the process by which your body deals with things you’re eating and drinking that aren’t good for it. And they’re part of the build up of toxins that shouldn’t be in your body but take a concerned effort to remove. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself and most of what we believe is the “normal aging process” is just not that at all.

Accepting that everyone is a normal part of aging is one of the greatest lies and greatest barriers to taking action to make ourselves healthier.

Doctors Know Best

So you you go to see your doctor with a minor complaint and he does some blood tests and says, “I want to put you on ….XXXX” where XXXX is a prescription for some kind of wonder drug statin or the like. Next you visit him a quarter later and he says, “I’m not happy with the way your tests are going so I’m going to add XXXX.”

Pretty soon it’s five years later and now you have all kinds of symptoms – you’re diabetic and obese, and your feet hurt and you’re taking 15 medications.

Doctors aren’t educated to find the root cause of your illness, they are taught, and paid to diagnose and prescribe. You get caught in that cycle and you’re going to get worse and worse until you die young – much younger than you should because your body was designed to last 200 years.

Packaged Food is Real Food

You’re been processed by the media for so long that you don’t know the difference between something in a package and something that grows in the ground. You think they’re the same and they’re not.

Processing temperatures form toxins in food – bread, crackers, chips, packaged mixes, and the list is endless.

Ingredients on cans and packages contain things you can’t pronounce and don’t know its purpose. Their primary purpose is to make things last longer, to preserve, to color, to make it stiffer or softer, or thicker or thinner, and to promote longer shelf life.

When a package says, “Organic” or the brand says, “Organics” you trust that and don’t question who raised it, what they used as fertilizer, whether they sprayed it and with what. Manufactures are finding ways daily to fool you and take advantage of what you believe about food labelled organic or natural or fresh.

As long as you don’t know the difference between real food and everything else, you’re going to be fighting uphill to become as healthy as you were built to be.

It’s Too Late

Thinking you’re too old and it’s too late to do anything comes from thinking that your life expectancy should be a number – like 85 – “I’ll be lucky if I live until I’m 85…” and not thinking, “Hey, this body was built to withstand 200 – why am I feeling so bad half-way through?”

People who dramatically change their lifestyles are having dramatic and life-changing results. It’s never too late to start doing things right – you just have to understand that the body is a tremendous healing machine and if you can suddenly and dramatically change your lifestyle then amazing things can happen.

I met a lady who is 58 and was on an insulin pump and taking 15 medications daily. She was obese and could hardly move around her house. The doctors gave her six months. She went to a seminar and made some dramatic changes in her lifestyles and within 6 months she was getting significantly better and within 12 months she was off all but one medication including insulin.

Today she is one of the most alive and vibrant personalities I’ve met. Nobody would guess that her recent past was so different. She shows the surprising loose skin on her arms to emphasize the magnitude of the change.

Illnesses are Irreversible

Our doctors do a lot to help us adopt this belief. They believe this and we look up to them so it’s not hard to understand why we begin to believe it as well. But this is a very damaging belief because it’s not based on fact.

Hundreds of studies and thousands of clinical results show that everything – heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, obesity, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, and many more illnesses considered by doctors to be irreversible – are in fact reversible. They can be cured when you find and remove the root cause. They cannot be cured by covering over the symptoms with drugs. We have plenty of evidence for that as well.

But the belief that these illnesses are incurable keeps us from even looking for the root cause. That is significant because it means that our health could greatly benefit from changing our belief in this area.


As is always the case, how we think about something, how we believe, is the most influential factor in our ability to make progress. Why halt the progress then when it comes to our health and longevity?


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