Consider a Gluten and Dairy Free Diet

You might say, if I give up both what’s left to eat? Plenty.


If you have the mildest sensitivity to grains then you might find you’re also intolerant to dairy.

Here an article that covers this subject well from Dr. Osborne. Read Here.

Your symptoms for grains including gluten might be very mild – slight difficulties digesting foods eaten with bread or grains, slight gas or bloating, some heartburn or indigestion. It might be so mild you ignore it or take some enzymes. Slight damage to the intentional walls and slight permeability often leak just enough of the gluten molecules into the blood stream to cause a very mild sensitivity at first, and then each year it gets a little worse until you can’t ignore it.

Meanwhile, even if you aren’t sensitive to dairy, you need to know what’s in modern milk that wasn’t just 20 years ago including hormones, antibiotics, toxins, and GMOs.

Read the article and look at some of the resources that will help you educate yourself on this important topic.


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