Cures for Arthritis – Are Supplements the Answer?


Lately there have been a lot more articles presenting cures for not only arthritis but many other chronic diseases. It’s hard to ignore articles like this one. READ ARTICLE.

This women experienced miraculous pain reduction, as well as full range of motion in hands, legs, and shoulders from taking Turmeric.

And nothing against Turmeric – my experience is that it’s a super anti-inflammatory and has very few side affects if any.

But this article is about people selling you vitamin and herbals supplements and doing so very effectively while you never notice that you haven’t gotten to the root cause of your illness. Yes, arthritis as well as many other debilitating diseases are curable if you determine the root cause of the inflammation that’s causing them.

Turmeric will reduce inflammation – that a fact. But will it uncover the reason for the inflammation in the first place? Probably not. So just as the lady in this article found, if you stop taking Turmeric, within a couple of weeks your symptoms will come back.

That’s because there is something else causing your inflammation and the Turmeric is simply fighting it, covering it up, or otherwise masking the problem. NO PAIN? I’M CURED!

Inflammation can be caused by a lot of different factors including environmental – the air we breath and the water we drink, the foods we eat, and even the amount of stress and lack of sleep we experience. Many doctors and scientists call these “lifestyle” causes and it’s true that we do have some choice over some of that.

But why do we stop when the pain goes away? Why don’t we keep going to find out what is really causing the pain and swelling then cure that cause? Perhaps part of the problem is that our healthcare system doesn’t want to find root causes – it too expensive and the system doesn’t have time or the tools to look for root causes of illness. Perhaps doctors have just been trained improperly to diagnose and prescribe. Perhaps we’re lazy and can’t afford to keep up the search. Perhaps we don’t believe that chronic diseases like arthritis are curable.

Functional Medicine is a new discipline centered around finding the root causes and eliminating those. So if you come to a functional medicine practitioner with arthritis, he or she will do some testing and extensive analysis to see if you’re allergic to anything, see if perhaps your environment has toxins you don’t know about, and see if your body can provide any clues as to what is causing the problem at a root cause level.

Just as important, a Functional Medicine Practitioner has to convince you that whatever you have – even Cancer or Diabetes – is curable and can be reduced or eliminated altogether. It’s sometimes harder for someone to allow themselves to have hope and face the potential disappointment but which is more painful – a life with arthritis or a month of disappointment because you kept looking for a cause?


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