Eating Organic

Now I’m over 71 years old so I’m not going to change what i do lightly.

But I think things have changed. What I mean is, when we were 30, you could eat vegetables and be comfortable that you’d be eating something that was good for you or at least wouldn’t kill you. And the same with beef or chicken or bread – you never had to worry about what you were eating because you knew that everyone was in the same boat and very smart farmers and ranchers were doing their best to give you the best food they could produce. After all, they ate it themselves.

But today, ranchers don’t necessarily eat their own beef, farmers don’t necessarily eat their own crops -it’s a different world.

99% of the US acreage for farming – about 950M acres – is used to produce our food supply and the food supply for our farm animals. 80% of that crop uses genetically modified seeds that are bred to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. And those “GMO”s have already been proven to harm humans in many different ways.

Meanwhile we’re spraying pesticides and herbicides that are known to cause cancer and many other bad things, on all our crops and it’s getting into our water supply.

Deaths from cancer are increasing at an alarming rate – a pandemic rate along with neurological diseases such as MS, ADHD, Dementia, and Alzheimers.

If you’ve been eating non-organic for 50 years, you might say well too late for me. But it’s not. You could have a fairly healthy life and not become a burden to your family. Being in be all day long is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Starting an organic diet right now can still restore and reverse most of the symptoms that tell you there’s a problem. You think getting fatter is about you eating too much? It’s not. It’s a disease that comes from our food supply – and so is cancer and every other thing you think is just poor eating habits. Well, truth is, it is poor eating habits – we’re eating things that are no longer good for you or even safe.



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