Grass-Fed Beef – The Pros & Cons

Bottom Line

  • eating grass-fed organic beef is better than eating feedlot beef
  • eating too much beef is dangerous to your health no matter what the source
  • supporting the beef industry in long term has serious and inescapable implications to our environment and our legacy for our children

First we need to understand the difference between regular beef, grass-fed beef, and grass-fed organic.

  • regular beef – raised in feedlots – this is 95% of the beef on the market. 100 cows stand knew deep in their own excrement in a patch about the size of a basketball court in conditions so toxic they must be injected or fed antibiotics – fed growth hormones and GMO corn and grains for the 12 months it takes them to grow from 80 pounds to 1200 pounds and then slaughtered at age 14-16 months using horrendous and inhumane methods you could not watch and approve under any circumstances. It takes about 16 pounds of corn or grain to realize 1 pound of beef.
  • grass-fed beef – raised at least part of their life on the open range but unless they are specified “100% grass-fed” or “grass-finished” then they could still be partly raised as described above. When 100% grass-fed they would take 2-3 years to reach their full size but might still be fed on fields sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and even antibiotics and growth hormones may still be used.
  • grass-fed organic beef – raised on the open range for 100% of their life-span free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics.

So knowing now what is actually the desired product you find that it costs too much. Why is that? Because the regular beef and some of the grass-fed beef finished on feed lots are 90% subsidized by the US government – aka OUR TAXES.

And raising this much beef no matter who we do it with eventually (and read not very long from now) ruins our water system, depletes our soil, and burns off our ozone layer. It is one of the largest contributors to these problems. footnote

So why do we care? Let our kids worry about it.

We care because as long as we keep eating beef we’re going to die from the toxic impact it will have on our bodies – we’ll become a burden on our families and our society. And it’s getting worse every year.

The call to action here is (1) eat 20% less beef, and (2) eat grass-fed organic beef whenever you do eat beef.


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