Food Activism – Where are you on the scale?



People generally relate to the issue of bad food sources in a number of different ways or referred to here as levels. Most people would not call themselves Food Activists but would react to information at one of the following levels.

Levels of Food Activism

Absentee – you ignore the information and eat what you’ve always eaten in which case you suffer from early stage obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and a whole list of other unnatural illnesses.

Personal – you review information about food sources and take action to buy foods that you feel have a better impact on your personal health or that of your family.

Family and Friends – you review information and take action to inform friends and family members. You continuously inform others of risks associated with certain foods and food sources.

Petition – you sign petitions and try to help influence legislation.

Boycott – you boycott foods, retailers, and producers appropriate to help create demand for the best choices and discourage bad choices.

Funding – you donate to organizations that appear to be on the forefront of food activism and have a track record of filing lawsuits against governmental agencies and large industry violators.


Where do you fall on this scale and why? Let’s here from our readers about your thinking on food activism.


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