The Body Heals Itself Naturally


Plenty of people have believed for a long time that the body will heal itself and mostly they have received the scorn and ridicule of the other 99% of us. You only have to look around – if someone gets diagnosed with cancel and ignore the advice, they generally die. I mean what other evidence do you need? There was never much scientific evidence that the body heals itself naturally.

But now there is a growing number of peer-reviewed studies that fly in the face of this belief.

And I’ll give just two brief illustrations.

It appears that your body was designed to generate its own vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important to natural health that your standard blood tests almost always include an assessment of your vitamin D levels.

Well your body was designed to produce its own vitamin D. All you need is sunlight. The layers of the skin include a cholesterol-like substance that is capable of converting the sunlight to vitamin D. Because we spend so much time indoors and insist on being clothed most of the time, our civilized ways deprive us of most of our vitamin D production and we end up having to supplement to keep our supply up.

But other process in our bodies – one that produces COQ10, an enzyme that activates many good gene sequences and results in reducing inflammation naturally – also uses direct sunlight. It seems when we eat lots of green leafy vegetables, our body digests that, derives chlorophyl, and circulates that through our bloods stream. The ultra-violet rays travel right through out clothes and our skin too, and activate that chlorophyl just like it does with plants and produces the COQ10 that we needs.

As more and more scientific studies are produced, I think we’re going to find that almost everything the body needs was magically designed into us long ago by someone a lot smarter than we are.


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