Roundup and GMO

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Time to learn more about the choices you’re making – and rethink your food sources. If you suffer from even mild indigestion, sinus congestion, occasional headaches, muscles pains or even more severe symptoms, you need to recognize what Roundup or Glyphosate and GMO products are contributing to your health long before the build up becomes too much for your body to handle and you wake up with something a lot more serious. The key phrase here is – WAKE UP! Roundup and GMOs would be doing your health serious harm and dismantle it brick by brick so slowly that you’ve hardly even noticed or you think it’s aging. It’s not.


GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms were developed to be resistive to chemicals like Roundup or Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a broad spectrum chelator and as such it is also a broad spectrum antibiotic. GMO seeds have been engineered to resist the effects of Glyphosate – GMO plants don’t chelate as quickly while regular plants that are not resistant will die quickly when exposed to Glyphosate. And Glyphosate gets into the groundwater, into our rivers, and shows up on almost any blood test run on anyone including infants – whether living close to a farm or not.

GMOs are found in crops like corn – about 80% of US corn crops are GMO. The same for Soy and all kinds of grains.

GMO and Your Gut

What happens when this GMO grains including corn or soy products find their way into your gut? There is a good chance you have a mild to moderate sensitivity or even allergy to GMO products – you will notice it associated with corn or grain, flour, bread products, etc.

When products or foods interfere with your gut you don’t digest your foods very well and you don’t get the vitamins you should from what you eat.

GMOs can also affect your gut/blood barrier and help develop “leaky gut syndrome” which allows molecules of partially digested foods to penetrate into your blood stream causing additional allergies to foods. Maybe at first you were a little sensitive to some foods but then over time it gets worse.

Your immune system is located in your gut. When you send foreign materials or unrecognizable things into your gut, you risk affecting your immune system. This is also where most of the hormones are produced that are used by your brain.

Glyphosate and Your Gut

As if the GMOs weren’t enough, the same foods are likely to bring this killer into your gut where it acts as a broad-spectrum antibiotic and kills all your good bacteria leaving you with bad bacteria as dominate and lots of bad things happening – more inflammation, more pain, more brain fog and deterioration, and more of what we generally cal aging.

What To Do

Do more reading and research and learn more about Glyphosate, Roundup, and GMOs. Find out which foods you eat probably have those in them.

Find alternatives to what you eat now – not only organic but GMO-free will also help you stay away from these slow killers.

Consider how you could go completely grain-free. Even as a test it would help you evaluate just how many symptoms you have from something you know is not good for you.

If you can go to a small local farmer, just ask them what they spray if anything and where they get seeds. They know what you want and generally won’t lie about how they raise food. They don’t have to be certified to be organic – it’s too expensive for small local farmers to do that anyway but if you look at where they raise your food, there’s a good chance you’re find what you want either there or at a local Farmer’s market where they only sell small local farm product.



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