• You believe the body ages and wears out because you have seen the evidence (you believe) in generations of people who die
  • You believe the body needs technology and science to correct problems – vision, joints, digestion, disease, a pill for every ill, etc.
  • You believe that what you eat and what you expose yourself to doesn’t matter and certainly can’t make the difference between you having cancer or not
  • You believe that all the scientists and politicians working for drug companies and the FDA/CDC are working for your best interest and committed to healing you

Basing your philosophy about health on these basic beliefs is completely irrational and has no scientific validity.

There was a time largely reported in history including the bible when people lived for hundreds of years. We believe these to be legends because we live in a modern age with science on our side and many of us die at 70.

But consider the following beliefs supported by ample science.

  • The body was designed to live forever – if unencumbered by toxins, and enabled by proper nutrients, the body was designed to renew itself, replace all its cells, ┬ádetoxify itself, and live forever
  • The body has the ability to completely replace its cells in cycles generally less than 3 months
  • The body detoxifies itself of toxins and pollutants naturally when it is functioning correctly
  • The immune system eliminates most diseases and toxins such as cancer naturally – these chronic diseases cannot exist in the body that is functioning properly
  • The body does not function properly when it doesn’t receive the right nutrients
  • Animal-based protein drives the body to acidity (low PH balance) and creates an environment for disease
  • Plant-based protein and nutrients drives the body to alkalinity (high PH balance) and creates an environment for the body to eliminate all disease
  • If the body doesn’t function well then no drug or chemical can change the outcome – they can only temporarily mask the symptoms – but meanwhile they will damage the body and make it harder or impossible to function

Why aren’t these beliefs based on ample science not better known and followed by humans?

In our society, companies are allowed to sell you things that aren’t good for you. Also in that same society in the US, they are also allowed to sell you drugs that aren’t good for you.

In the US, our government can mandate that you use certain treatments and drug protocols whether you want to or not (ie. radiation, chemo, and surgery for cancer). And they can also mandate that your children receive a growing number of vaccines that include known carcinogens and toxins.

In the US, we grow genetically-modified food that no longer has the nutrients we need and contains toxins that are deadly to the humane body and our much-needed immune system.

When these influences converge to make us unhealthy, then we are given drugs that cost enormous amounts of money to mask the symptoms and keep us alive longer to take more drugs. No drug will ever cure us.

So we are living in “The Matrix” and the creators of that series of movies were seriously trying to tell us something.


The reason these ideas sound so preposterous is that you’re educated to believe otherwise from the time you first crack open a book in grammar school until you graduate from medical school. You’ve been fed the same false information for so long that it’s become your reality – whether true or not. YOUR BELIEF IN THESE FALSE FACTS ENABLES BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN BUSINESS FLOWING FROM OUR POCKET TO THEIRS.

Just consider the balance of your attention is commanded by advertising – radio, TV, movie theaters, printed materials, internet, etc. and then consider that on balance of how much education you get based on real science and real scientific studies, and people who provide you with good basic health education based on new scientific information? Who do you think funds the studies that form the foundation for everything you hear about a drug?

Besides, if people could heal themselves, then we couldn’t have any hospital TV series to watch – right? and trillions in drug and vaccine sales would disappear.


  • Doctors are using diet alone to completely cure cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and more.
  • Having fluoride in your drinking water is killing you and it’s not helping your teeth. If you eliminate this over time you’ll feel better.
  • Products you use as creams or personal care generally contain toxins that are absorbed by your skin and damage your gut and immune system. If you eliminate these over time you’ll feel better.
  • Everything you use that is packaged with “ingredients” and “warnings” on the labels are dangerous and if you eliminate those over time you will feel better.
  • Changing your diet and lifestyle over time can restore your health and make it possible for your body to recover it’s natural ability to heal and promote longevity.
  • Fasting resets your metabolism and immune system and causes your body to detox and cleanse itself – almost anyone can learn to water-fast for 5 days without serious health effects.
  • Eating an organic plant-based diet and minimizing animal protein and dairy products will quickly change your health for the better.


  • Who controls the research studies that are used to convince you that drugs are helping you?
  • Why is it that hundreds of millions of dollars per year have been going to cancer research for 20 years or more and yet no new cure has surfaced – the prevailing cure for cancer is still surgery, chemo, and radiation?
  • Why are almost 50% of people in America now overweighted and headed for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease?
  • Why are 1 in 35 children developing Autism Spectrum Disorder by age 10? And why is there a forecast that 1 in 3 children will develop ASD in the next 10 years?
  • Why don’t any of the drugs on the market cure any disease?

Most people think about improving their health by taking more – more healthy food, more vitamins and supplements, more drugs, etc.

In truth, managing your health is more about eliminating things and taking less. Gut health is your most important assets and everything that everyone is selling you is just ruining your gut. But you can recover if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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