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If these conditions had a common denominator, some food item or toxin or irritant that if removed would lead to the condition going away, why wouldn’t a doctor or health care provider tell us?

When you listen to drug company commercials, they’re designed to be so redundant and boring, that all you do is watch the images which are happy images and tune out the words. What are the words they’re required to say?

First, they’re required to say that in one way or another, this drug won’t cure you illness. Next, they must say that these drugs can cause a variety of side effects some life threatening. And among all those words you barely hear, you’ll always hear something about not taking this drug if you have an infection or immune or auto-immune condition.

Why does almost every drug addressing skin conditions say something about your immune system? Because they all operate in one way or another on suppressing you immune system.

Why is that? Because your immune system is causing the problem. Your immune system is over-active – it’s fighting what it thinks to be an infection all the time 24X7. Why is it doing that?


Auto-immune is when your immune system is activated continuously by something your immune system takes to be a part of your body. Something we eat, drink, or get exposed to combined with a “leaky gut” causes our immune system to activate – we know because we have sinus issues, joint pains, loss of energy, brain fog, weight gain, and many other easy to notice symptoms.

Leaky gut would be completely unrelated except that it’s the mechanism that allows toxins and irritants to enter your blood stream where they should be. Leaky gut is simple a malfunction in your gut whether “tight junctions” once cell wide are damaged and open up to allow things that shouldn’t pass into the blood stream to get there which mimics an immune event and activates the immune system.

What damages the tight junctions. Well all you have to is check as to what has changed in the last 20-30 years in your intake. Every bite of food has chemicals and especially glyphosate in them – the most powerful anti-bacterial agent in the known world, along with chlorine in the water – a chemical that is reportedly there to fight tooth decay but has never affected the stats on tooth decay at any time since we began adding it to our water systems (see the movie “Idiocracy” which covers the subject of the future of the US when we substituted Gatorade for water in our water system)

When our immune system goes to work, it aggravates almost every organ and system in our body (if only activated short term it has very little negative impact) but generally in the early stages it shows up as something related to the weakest link and skin problems are a hallmark for auto-immune disease. And if you suppress the immune system to get rid of the symptoms, then instead of finding the root cause you mask it or cover it up temporarily (because you can’t suppress the immune system forever) and while you do, your body loses its ability to fight off the common problems. Your skin may get better.

You’ll get the flu easier because your immune system isn’t doing its job. You get cancer because the immune system is supposed to carry those cells away out of the body, but it can’t. And of course that’s just the beginning of the list. You need your immune system and the consequences of disabling it are serious.

What’s the solution to auto-immune? Find out what’s causing it. Odds are it’s a type of food like grains, dairy, or sugar, or a toxin in your environment like mold in the walls, chemicals in your cleaning products, or a cosmetic with aluminum or mercury in it. You might have a gardener who is spraying the weeds and you’re tracking it into your house.

A landmark case against Monsanto in California awarded a gardener/landscaper because he acquired non-hogkins lymphoma using Roundup.


If you’re going to get truly better you’re going to take responsibility for your own healthcare and you’re going to seriously question every time a doctor gives you a diagnosis that doesn’t sound like the root cause of the illness. Because right now your skin problems do have a root cause but you’re not likely to hear it unless you insist on finding it and leave any doctor who won’t help you find it.

The side affects of these drugs and how they suppress your immune system can seriously be much worse than your skin condition and the only reasonable course of action if you do convince yourself to take them is to commit to do so only for a short period of time and never accept that you have to take them for life (which is someone’s wish in this equation and you guess who that is but it’s not you).

If there was a root cause to your skin condition, is it likely that the drug company would tell you about it? NO it is not. That’s something that would take away 20+ years of selling you something that may cost insurance companies as much as one thousand a month or more. Be serious – they would never tell you.

If there was a root cause to your skin condition, is it likely your doctor would tell you? NO, because doctors must follow a strict (if invisible to the patient) standard of care. The hospital or clinic they work in avoid liability, keeps their insurance costs down, and generally stays out of trouble with their management and the drug companies by sticking to the diagnosis and prescription cycle that is accepted for this condition.

So who will help you find the root cause? Good question – if you can get a functional medicine doctor their training will immediately look for the root cause and not the symptoms. But most of the root causes can be determined by you with a simple elimination diet.

An elimination diet takes away the usual suspects, the foods known to cause the most auto-immune conditions. The top of that list is grains of any kind, dairy products, and sugar. Any food in a package is a suspect. For a test, just for a few weeks or a month if you can, find out if one of your foods is causing the issue. Commit to eat a plant-based diet, mainly fruits and vegetables, less meat, and drink lots of filtered water. Eliminate packaged foods from your diet.

Take a close look at chemicals you use around the house. Avoid them for a few weeks  or a month. And do the same with cosmetics.

You’re looking for a root cause. If you’ve found it, you will see a reduction in inflammation, achy joints, skin issues, foggy brain, and other symptoms. That can put you on the right track. You can experiment by placing one thing at a time back in your lifestyle until you discovered the bad guy.

Changing a diet isn’t easy. Changing everything you’re exposed to is even harder. The simple way would be just take a pill and suffer from side effects later. But that doesn’t lead to a life you’ll love and that sets you up to be a burden for your children.

Think about how serious this could be for your children and do it for them – take control of your health and you’ll always find more information to help you



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