The Ketonic Diet


If you suffer from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, or any of the other chronic non-contagious diseases including metabolic syndrome which sort of encompasses them all, you should study and learn more about the ketonic diet. It’s not just a weight loss diet but it can have that side effect. It’s actually a get healthy diet.

What’s Ketonic?

It turns out the body wasn’t made to burn glucose – it’s the sugar we convert when we eat carbs like sugar, fructose from fruit, starches, and grains. Our body was actually made to burn ketones – a special molecule created in the liver from eating healthy fats.

What’s Different About a Ketonic Diet?


A ketonic diet requires less carbs and more healthy fat. Sources like avocado, coconut, olives and olive oil are examples of healthy fat but there are many other sources.

Carbs cause inflammation and inflammation affects all of the systems in the body creating a multitude of slowly progressing illnesses depending on the organ affected first.

Carbs were never a natural part of the human diet until the last hundred years where refined and packaged foods became more prevalent.

Tracking Your Carbs is Essential

You can use strips to test your urine for ketosis and you can easily track you foods for net carbs using the online. Cronometer.

You place yourself in nutritional ketosis by focusing your eating on reducing carbs and taking yourself on packaged foods, and flour, and sugar is a good start.


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