The Diet Soft Drink Deception

In pursuit of better health, many people have been led by marketing and media to make the switch from sugar to artificial sweeteners. But, though eliminating sugar is undoubtedly a good health move, it is not so clear that replacing it with artificial sweeteners is. A large new Canadian study has uncovered the genuinely sour side to artificial sweeteners.

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The Inconvenient Truth

After attending several online health programs, it’s time to summarize in an article. I’ve spent over 10-12 hours each on their key programs:

  • The Truth About Cancer – TY Bollinger
  • The Truth About Vaccines – TY Bollinger
  • GMOs Revealed – Patrick Gentempo

I want to provide the “Reader’s Digest” version of these – they’re packed with research and scientific studies that have mainly been suppressed from mainstream media.

I want to avoid telling you “why” things are happening because I don’t want to be labelled a conspiracy theorist. You can draw your own conclusions after I summarize “what” is happening.

Here is a list of bullets that I feel are well-supported by credible scientific studies (and I know the difference) and yet cover topics that are not well-known at all and most people rather than seek the science will “drink the cool-aide.”

If you’re suspicious at all that the “cool-aide” you’re drinking may be doctored beyond belief then keep reading.

Some ‘bullets” about GMOs and Roundup.

  • GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms and refer to food where the seeds have been genetically altered to achieve some purpose not inherent in the food. For instance, modification of corn to include it’s own internal insecticide and to resist heavy doses of Roundup – a herbicide made by Monsanto.
  • GMOs without Roundup at the very least will make you very sick and gradually (and in some cases not so gradually) will expose you to one or more chronics diseases including Alzheimers, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, diabetes type 2, autism, obesity, and much more.
  • Roundup and both its active ingredient Glyphosate and its supposed inactive ingredients can make you very sick and gradually expose you to the chronic diseases listed above.
  • Roundup is a toxin that currently shows up in our corn and soy crops, shows up in our livestock, our groundwater and soil, our rivers, our oceans, our rain water, and in new born babies. It is ubiquitous and is everywhere.
  • Roundup and GMOs working together as they are found in our food supply are accelerating chronic disease and will ensure that within the next 20 years our healthcare system will be bankrupted.
  • The same people who make and sell Roundup make seeds, herbicides, and insecticides, and through certain interests sell drugs – most chemical companies have similar products like Syngenta and are in a position to profit from the continuation and expansion of chronic disease.
  • In America today, a scientist who conducts research on GMOs or Roundup and produces results that are not supportive of Monsanto will be attacked by the media, the White House, the FDA and EPA, and if they are an actual doctor, the AMA. Their career will be taken away and they will be ostracized from their profession.
  • Monsanto and others in the industry are immune from prosecution since Obama signed a bill to create immunity.
  • Farmers who will not purchase GMO seeds and Roundup are sued and put out of business.

Now some bullets on vaccination.

  • CDC schedule for the US – read here.
  • CDC schedule for infants 0-6 years – read here.
  • America has the largest mandatory vaccination schedule in the world – 26 vaccinations some starting at one day old.
  • Many of the vaccines include toxic substances such as Mercury and Aluminum that are in quantities already pronounced as much as 25 times the acceptable levels by the FDA.
  • Many vaccines address illnesses that have not occurred for 20 years or more.
  • In some states a child cannot go to school unless they are fully vaccinated.
  • In some states a welfare family cannot received payments unless their children are vaccinated.
  • Vaccines have been positively linked to cancer and the growing epidemic of cancer.
  • Vaccines have been positively linked to diabetes, heart disease, autism, Alzheimers, and auto-immune disease.
  • Scientists who conduct research and try to publish results that expose vaccines are discredited and put out of the industry or they disappear without explanation.
  • Vaccines are a very lucrative and profitable business.
  • Being “anti-vaccine” doesn’t make any sense. Being pro-information and gaining access to information from clinical experience and research to promote “informed consent” and fighting suppression does make sense.

Now some bullets on cancer:

  • Cancer is curable, however, neither chemotherapy nor radiation nor surgery have proven in any study to be effective against cancer and in most cases their are so toxic to patients as to shorten their lifespan.
  • Clinics all over the world have proven with very high percentages and patients outcomes that cancer can be cured without any of the traditional treatments, 100% remission can be achieved, with very few side effects and very little expense.
  • Thousands of stories and patient histories have been suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA.
  • Cancer and long term cancer treatment is a very lucrative and profitable business.

These bullets are not the results of a theory and not the result of negative thinking. You can read each of these with the phrase, “Extensive scientific study has proven…” and you can follow the discovery already conducted on papers and emails exposed by trial proceedings and whistleblower scientists who have retired.

The valid question in the face of a huge machine that seems to have as it’s purpose to keep people sick and dependent on healthcare is – HOW DO YOU FIGHT SOMETHING THIS BIG? WHAT ARE OUR OPTIONS?

Naturally you can strategize on how to protect yourself and your family. Strong recommendations are:

  • Get control of your water system
  • Learn how to detox and how to promote your bodies natural ability to detox heavy metals and toxins
  • Buy only organic or grow your own
  • Eat only whole foods – nothing packaged
  • Reduce the amount of meat in your diet

But that battle is how you survive on a personal level while these issues are going to impact everyone we know, and our children after us.

The most credible strategy I heard after listening to many, is that there is too much corruption in politics and regulatory agencies to think that we could influence anyone no matter who many marches we conduct. All of the heroic efforts we’ve observed by many brave people have been like punching the Pillsbury Dough Boy. They’re too big, too well-entrenched, and too powerful to beat on their own turf.

So the best strategy is what we can control. Our buying power. if 15% of the population stops buying GMO products, the economics will turn the tide. Our power is in our purchasing power and they can’t do anything about it. There’s no propaganda needed and not politics involved. It’s completely legal for us all to vote by our pocket book.

  • If we start buying local from local farmers and ranchers where we can see how they raise food whether they are certified organic or not, we can by-pass the whole machine by just going to the farmer’s market.
  • If we start opting out of medications and especially the ones for “feel good” but also for cancer, diabetes, and start eating whole foods we can minimize our dependence on the big pharma companies.
  • Many can opt out of vaccinations for children – not because it’s convenient and not because it isn’t going to be hard, but because there is better than a 50% chance your children will have serious mental disorders before they’re 10 if you don’t find another alternative – even if you have to do home schooling because the school won’t accept you (private school of course is an option for some).

Just get more things under your control and don’t drink the cool-aide or believe your doctor or the media on anything. Get you and your family off the train because you know what’s down that track and you don’t need to go there to find out.


Top 5 Reasons to Never Use Splenda

Top 5 Reasons Never To Use Splenda

Splenda is marketed as a no-calorie, no-guilt sugar substitute. Blood sugar stable, it “passes right through” the body, so it’s safe for diabetics AND you won’t gain weight! Are these claims masking the ugly truth about this chemical imposter? As mounting research shows, when it comes to our diet, there is no free lunch. Read this article to explore the 5 reasons to never use Splenda.

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Cancer and Chemotherapy – How to Minimize Side-Effects

Cancer and Chemotherapy - How to Minimize Side-Effects

Cancer and Chemotherapy – How to Minimize Side-Effects

Cancer patients are suffering from devastating side effects of chemotherapy, when antioxidants my be the answer.

It’s morning in the chemotherapy ward. All around us are courageous people undergoing treatment for their cancers. Most of them have lost their hair. Some have nausea and mouth sores so painful they can barely eat. For many, the tingling in their fingers and toes has replaced the feeling that used to be there. And some have had their chemo terminated because their kidney toxicity has become too severe.

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The Poison Business: The Monsanto Papers Reveal Media, Science, and Regulatory Collusion

The Poison Business: The Monsanto Papers Reveal Media, Science, and Regulatory Collusion

In April 2017, the Hague Tribunal found that Monsanto is violating basic human rights – read here.

Major tectonic shifts have occurred around the historically secretive multinational corporate structure of Monsanto, forcing transparency, furthering the public debate, and assisting lawsuits that expose the true nature of Monsanto’s toxic product and its multi-level collusion to hide the fact of its carcinogenicity.

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As bad as Roundup and Glyphosate may be, it is very possible based on earlier articles regarding DNA editing that the more serious threat – if that can be imagined – is the GMO modifications run wild. It appears now that the methods used to make the modifications in Genetically Modified Organisms “GMO” have far-ranging implications that nobody envisioned. Scientists are not finding that the methods used to modify plant DNA are modifying other un-targeted parts of the DNA as well causing mutations that no one can evaluate or determine the eventual consequences. These mutations transfer freely not only to other plants but to human beings as RNA, the derivative of DNA moves from plant to human population.

This may sound like a bad sci-fi movie but it’s science fact – read elsewhere in this forum.


Research Exposes New Health Risks of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

This article isn’t just about mosquitos – you’ll get an education about GMOs period and how this isn’t an exact science like we’ve been told. If you keep eating GMOs after reading this go back and read it again. The DNA in the food you eat has been significantly modified in ways that nobody can predict and the term “frankenfood” turns out to be an understatement rather than an exaggeration.

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