Why Grains are Bad

grainMost people have heard of gluten and gluten sensitivity or even the extreme form of gluten sensitivity, Celiac’s Disease.

Here is what I consider to be a more sober look at the issues with all grains – not just wheat – and why we might consider cutting back or eliminating grains from our diet.

As also, easiest way to see if it matters is to take yourself off the grains for 2-4 weeks and see if you have less inflammation – less pain.

You can read the article but I think the video is worth watching.


Foods That Fight Cancer

Krebszelle kleinIn the quest to find alternatives to chemo and radiation – a therapy that damages good and bad cells alike – a new study show promise for foods that fight cancel and specifically ingredients found in ginger.

Here is an extensive article on the subject, however, the bottom line is that including some dried and ground ginger in your cooking may be the best preventative option you have. A substance in ginger targets and inhibits the cancel t-cells that produce additional cancer cells.


Why Eat Organic?

Let’s get practical and sort out the real reasons why you might think about changing your food.

Now at 71 years old, I don’t consider such a decision an easy one and I don’t take it lightly. I mean really….we’ve been eating the food grown in America for 70 years – it might seem like it is too late to change.

But please – just hear me out and then decide.

Seriously – the FDA and the EPA and some others – “the government” – have been messing with your food for the last 50 years and the only notice or warning you have are the labels which rarely tell you the real story. If it wasn’t for “USDA Organic” you probably wouldn’t know anything. Meanwhile the food companies have been figuring out how to fool you – by calling things “All Natural” and “Country Fresh” and so on.

So the point is, you don’t really know what’s in your food. The label tells you the ingredients and now the nutrition label tells you how much fat and carbs and sugar, but that’s not really everything you need to know.

For instance, you probably don’t know that the dairy farmers used to have to wait for 9 months while a cow had their calf because they wouldn’t produce milk while they were pregnant. But now thanks to some modifications in their hormones, cows give milk through their entire pregnancy – great huh? unless you consider that milk taken while a cow is pregnant has at least 5 times the estrogen. Where is that on the label? But when you men start growing man-breasts will you look back at the milk label to see if that did it?

Another example – you probably think that USDA Organic Beef means your beef is going to be good for you? But “Organic” doesn’t mean grass-fed so what you’re getting is beef from a cow that was “finished” in a feed lot using corn and grains that were USDA Organic and didn’t get feed antibiotics.

Can you hear a politician in some dark hallways whispering, “OK if they want organic, we’ll give them organic – but we get to say what organic means.”

Now the significance of cows fed with corn or grains is that they don’t eat that. Cows have a different anatomy. They are ruminant – which means they have a 45+ gallon stomach that is setup to digest grass and grass-like wild plants like you find on the prairie. So feeding them corns and grains causes all kinds of problems – problems that can kill cows but generally if not, require lots of medications.

I’m assuming you know that anything that goes into a cow – herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, grow hormones, GMOs, etc. – all end up in the food you eat?

So the reason you should think about changing your food, is that your government already has changed your food for you but they didn’t tell you that you and your children are now at a higher level of risk than ever before in history.

Will it solve all your problems if you just stop eating anything that isn’t organic? Well that would be a step in the right direction, but it would not save you the pain because what is labelled organic today just isn’t what you think.

Now the best way to eat organic vegetables is to go to your local farmer’s market and start buying from local farmers who are too small to get certified organic and you can go over there and look at what they do and see that they are growing organic anyway.

Now the FDA and congress are very busy trying to come up with a way to keep you from buying from local farmers. And your local market are quickly converting to buying from local farmers. So everyone sees the writing on the wall and as usual they are jockeying for position to control that.

But look, if congress is subsidizing the current beef and farming businesses which they are, they can afford to have you go buy from someone else. That will threaten the whole system they’ve setup. So they’re going to fight hard to get you to roll over and eat GMOs, feedlot-raised cattle, and so on.

So you can take a big step by eating organic but that’s just the first step. You’ve got to take control of your food supply chain for meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables.

It’s time to look seriously at changing your food not just for yourself but for your family members who do not want you to spend the rest of your life in a bed.




Grass-Fed Beef – The Pros & Cons

Bottom Line

  • eating grass-fed organic beef is better than eating feedlot beef
  • eating too much beef is dangerous to your health no matter what the source
  • supporting the beef industry in long term has serious and inescapable implications to our environment and our legacy for our children

First we need to understand the difference between regular beef, grass-fed beef, and grass-fed organic.

  • regular beef – raised in feedlots – this is 95% of the beef on the market. 100 cows stand knew deep in their own excrement in a patch about the size of a basketball court in conditions so toxic they must be injected or fed antibiotics – fed growth hormones and GMO corn and grains for the 12 months it takes them to grow from 80 pounds to 1200 pounds and then slaughtered at age 14-16 months using horrendous and inhumane methods you could not watch and approve under any circumstances. It takes about 16 pounds of corn or grain to realize 1 pound of beef.
  • grass-fed beef – raised at least part of their life on the open range but unless they are specified “100% grass-fed” or “grass-finished” then they could still be partly raised as described above. When 100% grass-fed they would take 2-3 years to reach their full size but might still be fed on fields sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and even antibiotics and growth hormones may still be used.
  • grass-fed organic beef – raised on the open range for 100% of their life-span free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics.

So knowing now what is actually the desired product you find that it costs too much. Why is that? Because the regular beef and some of the grass-fed beef finished on feed lots are 90% subsidized by the US government – aka OUR TAXES.

And raising this much beef no matter who we do it with eventually (and read not very long from now) ruins our water system, depletes our soil, and burns off our ozone layer. It is one of the largest contributors to these problems. footnote

So why do we care? Let our kids worry about it.

We care because as long as we keep eating beef we’re going to die from the toxic impact it will have on our bodies – we’ll become a burden on our families and our society. And it’s getting worse every year.

The call to action here is (1) eat 20% less beef, and (2) eat grass-fed organic beef whenever you do eat beef.


Eating Organic

Now I’m over 71 years old so I’m not going to change what i do lightly.

But I think things have changed. What I mean is, when we were 30, you could eat vegetables and be comfortable that you’d be eating something that was good for you or at least wouldn’t kill you. And the same with beef or chicken or bread – you never had to worry about what you were eating because you knew that everyone was in the same boat and very smart farmers and ranchers were doing their best to give you the best food they could produce. After all, they ate it themselves.

But today, ranchers don’t necessarily eat their own beef, farmers don’t necessarily eat their own crops -it’s a different world.

99% of the US acreage for farming – about 950M acres – is used to produce our food supply and the food supply for our farm animals. 80% of that crop uses genetically modified seeds that are bred to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. And those “GMO”s have already been proven to harm humans in many different ways.

Meanwhile we’re spraying pesticides and herbicides that are known to cause cancer and many other bad things, on all our crops and it’s getting into our water supply.

Deaths from cancer are increasing at an alarming rate – a pandemic rate along with neurological diseases such as MS, ADHD, Dementia, and Alzheimers.

If you’ve been eating non-organic for 50 years, you might say well too late for me. But it’s not. You could have a fairly healthy life and not become a burden to your family. Being in be all day long is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Starting an organic diet right now can still restore and reverse most of the symptoms that tell you there’s a problem. You think getting fatter is about you eating too much? It’s not. It’s a disease that comes from our food supply – and so is cancer and every other thing you think is just poor eating habits. Well, truth is, it is poor eating habits – we’re eating things that are no longer good for you or even safe.



Lab Results Trap for Obesity and Diabetes

Looking at my latest lab tests, I began to realize the “system” behind what my doctor is person-1052698_1280doing with the help of my lab and my insurance company.

My doctor is looking for lab results that allow him to prescribe a medication. The lab just tested my cholesterol, triglycerides, and A1C at my doctor’s request. These are all standard tests covered by Medicare and ordered as standard from the lab.

Now what you have to understand is that these tests show symptoms. There is an underlying cause for these numbers increasing year after year and as they do, the doctor is going to prescribe me something to treat my symptoms.

The next thing I’m going to hear is that I should begin taking Statins – Lipitor, Crestor, etc. Now after I take this for a number of years, I’ll begin to develop pain and inflammation and we will have to add other drugs to counteract the longer term affects of the Statins.

But make no mistake, the Statin only treated the symptom – it treated high cholesterol by lowering cholesterol.

Meanwhile let’s say that hypothetically I have a longstanding food allergy to milk or to grains – but we didn’t test for any allergies – those would be causes of the problem, not symptoms, and the insurance company and my doctor and most labs aren’t setup for that.

Do you think this scenario is far-fetched? Do you disagree with my characterization of lab tests as simply testing for symptoms? There has been a lot of time and money spent for many years conditioning us to believe the healthcare dogma. I really believe that even our traditional doctors believe in it. They test, and prescribe. My insurance doctor still advises me to “eat less and exercise more.” That pretty much sums it up. Traditional medicine still thinks that overweight and metabolic syndrome symptoms come from poor discipline and eating bad foods.

As time goes on, there are more and more functional medicine doctors springing up around the country – these are doctors who will run tests to check for root causes of problems and won’t assume that they know something just because you have the symptoms.

It’s like this – if you had your foot on the gas peddle of your car and you had it all the way to the floor, but the car was slowly losing speed and slowing down, and you looked at your speedometer and saw it going slower and slower, would you assume the problem was the speedometer? Should we prescribe a Statin for the speedometer to see if it gets better?


Natural Juice Cleanse

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.24.27 PMI’m starting my first cleanse today. Some people think of this as a “weight loss cleanse” or a “colon cleanse” but I’m mainly doing it as a detoxifier to try to release some of the heavy metals in my system (I’ve been collecting for a while because I’m 71 years old).

Because there are six bottles for one day, the ingredients include many of the recommended things for this type of cleanse.

I got this from a local juice bar called “Nekter Juice Bar” and the only issue I have with this so far is the amount of sugar in the bottles – the sugar comes from natural sources like beets, apples, etc. but still when you remove the pulp you’re getting very bio-available pure fructose that can metabolize and get into your blood stream very quickly so nothing different from drinking a coke – these are on average about 20g of sugar per bottle.

They conveniently number the bottles 1-6 and of course the ingredients are slightly different for each one. There are no added contents other than fruits and vegetables. I am told, but Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.05 PMcannot verify that the sources are all local farming and organic non-GMO.

As you can see, this first one has the ingredients generally associated with what is called, “Green Drink.”

You generally do not eat during the cleanse but just stick to your bottles and in my experience it takes me about 2 hours to finish one and I haven’t been hungry yet but they say to drink lots of additional water in between (in between what? I’m drowning in liquid and bouncing off the walls from the sugar high – I normally try to stick to 5-10g of sugar per day and then only embedded in the foods I eat – I never add sugar or drink sodas or fruit juice at all.

This next one is a challenge – it’s loaded with lemon juice and cayenne pepper – Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.15 PM
very spicy and tangy with Turmeric – a very healthy root from the ginger family.

Everyone raves about Agave – a cactus derivative – and about Agave syrup and nectar but it’s just another form of sugar – you know, “organic sugar” – the hype that people use to get you to buy stuff! But I doubt you could drink this without it because the lemon and cayenne are super intense.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.23 PM


This next one is still fairly tart with lemon – seems to be the common ingredient recommended for cleanses – lemon and ginger – and this one has some beet in it so it’s very red.

Parsley and Spinach are said to bind to heavy metals and allow them to be extracted through your waste product.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.32 PMAnd this one has coconut charcoal, a substance that is supposed to attract and bind certain types of heavy metals.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.50 PM


This one goes back to the basic ‘Green Drink’ with one added ingredient Swiss Chard.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.25.59 PM


Now this is the “dessert drink” – it has cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla and almonds – sounds good huh?

Once I get past this cleanse I will update with overall results to this post.


OK it’s two days later and I will give you a quick update on the aftermath. It actually took me two days or 1 ½ days to finish. I just couldn’t finish the 5th bottle until the next morning. The 6th bottle went down pretty quick – it’s like the “dessert” of the 6 bottles but has fats and protein to kind of get you back up and running.

Some people report being hungry during their cleanse but I really didn’t get hungry at all. I felt I was loaded with liquid and I just didn’t get hungry.

Some people report feeling a lot more energy. I can’t say I felt that although I didn’t run out of energy during the day and I didn’t seem to have anything I would call an insulin spike where I felt an energy high and then a low – I was pretty even all day.

Now if I was a 30 year-old person (and assuming obese as I am) it might have affected me different. For instance, someone who is used to chugging down lots of processed foods, carbs, and sugar all day, this 120g of sugar might be a significant improvement and cause them to seriously crave sugar or carbs. Someone who normally consumed 400g of sugar/carbs is going to have a different reaction than I am but I only consume in total about 40g of carbs per day and perhaps sugar is a quarter of that – I don’t add sugar and I don’t eat fruit and I don’t eat grains of any kind. So I realize that this cleanse regimen might really be a lot more challenging for someone used to eating processed foods.

The actually “back-end” didn’t hit until today when I passed perhaps the largest bowel movement I’ve had in many months or even years. It was a very smelly and loose movement that was clearly created by the mass of vegetables and fruits in the cleanse. The smell was encouraging because it told me that the cleanse was moving out toxins otherwise what I drank would not produce that kind of smell. (sorry about the graphic nature of the post)

Now I’m back on normal foods and although I eat whole foods and organic exclusively, I do eat grass fed beef and pork, and eggs, and organic cage-free chicken and I’m noticing those are creeping up to maybe 30-40% of my meals and I don’t feel as good at that level. I’m going to expand my raw vegetables. I ate an all-raw salad as my first meal and it felt very natural with no problems.

I believe I’m going to try this one more day next week and see how that goes. I did lose 4lbs for the day and 2 more today when I had my first bowel movement.


Why We Get Fat – Does Dieting Cure Obesity?

la-oe-taubes-why-we-get-fat-20160511-001Dieting doesn’t cure obesity. That’s not news, although it was reconfirmed last week in a particularly mediagenic fashion in a study published by National Institutes of Health researchers. The researchers followed contestants from the “The Biggest Loser” television show as these formerly obese contestants proceeded to regain most of the massive amounts of weight they had lost on the show.

Here’s an excellent LA Times story by Gary Taubes – read it here.


Our Body Responds to Our Thoughts

thank_youDr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments in the 1990s observing the physical effect of words and thoughts on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different thoughts and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The results were nothing short of remarkable..

As human beings are more than 90% water, there is significant scientific evidence that our thoughts create our body, how it functions, and responds to external stimuli.

Quantum physics tells us that the world is a field of infinite potential and reality is what we expect and then observe – collapsing all possibility into one “reality.” When we don’t look there are infinite possibilities but when we look we see only one.

The reality we see is often a product of our long term continuous thinking – based on what we have learned, been told, and experienced ourselves we form an expectation about what we will see when we look.

When a highly respected medical doctors tells you about your body, do you believe him? Is he highly influential in causing you to formulate the possibility you see when you look at yourself and what is wrong?

But in the background we know that our thinking arranges every molecule of our bodies. Just like the ice crystals, we see that everything in our body as comprised of water, responds to our thoughts held continuously – this is scientific fact not phantasy.

But most people’s efforts at positive thought is just a little bit of positive thinking smeared over a much larger field of negative thinking. When we do try to set our prevailing thought patterns we generally make just a cursory effort at best so that in the end our prevailing thought patterns and expectations win out.