If you’re approaching or just passing 40, this is the ideal time to read this article carefully.

What’s changed? Everything. When your mother and father referred to someone they knew who was “strong as a horse” they were generally referring to someone who never got sick, or if they did, they recovered very quickly. And injuries rarely slowed these “strong as a horse” people down. Their bodily constitution was good – a strong immune system that would fight off anything, including cancer, and could repair injuries fast.

But now we see very few “strong as a horse” people.

So what changed?

Food production – our farms have been forced into “mono crops” – a single product like corn, soybeans, wheat, and grown all year long. And GMOs have been introduced using patented seeds with anti-weed and anti-insect technology embedded into the seed. The GMO seeds are also Roundup or Glyphosate resistant so you can spray them continually and in theory not damage the plant. As we use these new seeds and sprays, we damage the soil and reduce its ability to bring nutrients to the plants. Every year the soil loses its natural bacteria that bring nutrients to the plant and the soil gets harder witness the amount of tillage (plowing up the soil) required. When the natural bugs and bacteria are in the healthy soil, you don’t “till” because that would kill the soil, but when you have killed off all the healthy bacteria, you have no choice but to till and farmers say that after 10 years it requires a new tractor that is 3X as heavy in order to be able to cut the soil deep enough to turn it over. And altogether, this new process produces less bushels per acre than the old methods because the soil is ruined and the crops are not rotated so insects are a much bigger problem than ever in the past. Science created by people who either don’t understand or don’t care about the future, has ruined our best farming lands and now because these companies must make a profit, they simply want to add more and more chemicals to fix the problem. Do you see how doing the same thing that caused the problem will only make it even worse?

You have to ask – why are the farms empty of birds, empty of bees, empty of all the normal insects and animals that used to inhabit these fields? Why do the cows and other animals get sick from eating these crops?

Has our food production changed?

Animal Products – production of ranch animals including cows, pigs, lamb, chickens, and bison has moved mainly from open grazing land to CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) or just Factory Farms. These farms pack animals close together feeding them from troughs while they stand knee deep in their own feces. Animals are fed not with the grass plants they were naturally and genetically grown to digest but with GMO corn, soy, and products that cause poor digestion and disease. Then animals are automatically dosed with antibiotics to counteract the diseases caused by the feed and their filthy environment as well as the knowledge that animals will gain weight more quickly with antibiotics – CAFOs are the biggest users of antibiotics in the world. Do you believe those antibiotics dissipate when it gets to your table? Do you thinking cooking kills it?

Given these changes in production methods, we have meat that is contaminated with GMOs, Glyphosate and other chemicals which are potentially worse, diseased and dying, and has a fraction of the nutrients given the depletion of the food supply, the lack of digestion of food products these animals shouldn’t eat. Our animal products used to contribute massive amount of Omega 3 to our diet. Now they contribute almost none at all.

Has our meat production changed?

Dairy Products – just as CAFOs have changed our meat production, so have they also been employed in our dairy production. Separate from the obvious contamination of all our dairy products, we also have the question of whether cows were made to give milk for anything other than baby cows? Many scientists would argue the answer is “no” based on extensive science.

But has our dairy production changed?

Environmental Toxins – our environment has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. Our rivers, streams, and ground water are contaminated with Glyphosate and other water soluble toxins that we’ve been spraying. The runoff is contaminating our ocean fish as everyone knows. We also have climate modification activities that have resulted in heavy metals like aluminum – we have independent studies where researchers have sampled ice in remote areas untouched by civilization such as Greenland, Arctic, and Iceland and found heavy metals on the outer layer of ice suggesting it is falling from the air all over the planet. We have gardeners spraying Roundup on apartment and association landscapes where we track that into our homes on the bottoms of our shoes and leave it in our carpet. We have mold growing in home air conditioners and in walls. We have an increasing number of vaccinations with mercury and aluminum adjuvants – perhaps 35 by age 18 months. We also have fluoride which has now been proven to have no affect on tooth health and serious and toxic effects on gut bacteria and our immune system. We collect various forms of plastic in our gut and these act as hormone disrupters. We believe plastics are benign but they’re far from it. We believe that cosmetics and personal hygiene items are benign, but they aren’t. We believe having 50 ingredients in soap and shampoo is good but it isn’t.

Has our use of toxic chemical pollutants and chemicals changed?

Electro Magnetic Fields “EMF” – we have increased our exposure to electromagnetic fields. Most people would intuitively understand that exposure to microwaves is not a good idea but our environment is being systematically filled with low-level microwave and we have no idea how much we’re actually exposed to. There is a growing body of evidence and science that EMF – coming from WIFI stations, cell phones, wireless devices of all kinds, the new digital meters installed by the electric companies without our permission, neighborhood transmitters and receivers for television, appliances, our watches, and a hundred other sources are cumulatively increasing our load beyond measure – are harmful to our mitochondria – the energy production center for our cells. And we’re about to “nuke” our planet with 5G – a technology being pushed forward with no human safety studies at all – not one funded by government or industry. And this 5G technology is going to show up  from 10 or more transmitters in your home via appliances, multiple satellites above you, buildings and stores and retail areas you visit, and much more. Our exposure without knowing anything about the risk to our health will be conservatively 100 times the exposure we have today.


If we look at our population, what does it tell us about the effects of these things that we discussed above? Is there evidence that these changes are having an effect?

Chronic Disease – non-communicable diseases, the ones you don’t catch from others – are things like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, multi-sclerosis, Parkinson’s, autism spectrum, auto-immune, thyroid failure, acute depression, and much more.

At the turn of the century these were largely unheard of and today over 50% of the population suffers from one or more chronic diseases, many undiagnosed. If the growth in chronic disease continues at its current rate, there are many scientists who warn we will bankrupt our healthcare system inside 20 years, that is, provided we still have healthcare for all and don’t do away with it in the next year.

Not only are these chronic diseases increasing, but even more alarming they are showing up at younger and younger ages. That’s what I’m saying – cancer, diabetes, heart failure, auto-immune, and AUTISM – big time – are all showing up in the teens or earlier in significant numbers.

If you wanted to reduce the earth’s population, you would not have to look for a way. The population of most developed countries has declined every year for the past 20 years. Fertility among both male and female has declined almost 50%.

Some might argue that some form of auto-immunity is at the root of almost every chronic disease we see. Auto-immunity is a condition where the body perceives enemies that activate the immune system constantly causing chronic inflammation which results in the body attacking itself. This can show up as any number of problems depending on genetics and which body system is the most susceptible. Some people will have inflammation show up in their thyroid, and some will show up in their skin. In some it will show up as acute sensitivity to certain foods or environmental factors. Some will have acute allergic reactions to medications they’re being given for another condition.

Auto-immunity and inflammation are the effects not the real root causes. The cause for most people is “leaky gut” a condition where the micro-biome or the gut bacteria are damaged by heavy metals, glyphosate, other environmental toxins, or bad foods. When a person has leaky gut, the protein from foods and toxins they digest, move freely into the blood stream bypassing the natural barriers built into a normally functioning gut and once in the blood stream they activate the immune system and cause attacks on good tissue throughout the body including the brain.

Aging – we’re not aging well. Sure medicine may have added years to some people’s lives, but make no mistake the quality of those years – on medications with tons of side-effects, walking with a walker, disabled, suffering from dementia – this is not a longer life that you want. And the scientific measures of longevity, the measure of DNA strands called “Telomeres” tell us the actual physical age of the body and as you might guess, most people are a lot older than their years.

We have a population that is highly dependent on a medical system designed to provide urgent care. Traditional medicine forms a diagnosis and then prescribes drugs to treat the illness. As we can keep people alive longer, they become consumers of more drugs. Good for the drug company – not so much for us.

And chronic diseases are gold mines for the pharmaceutical companies. The cost of drugs has increased 4X in the past 10 years and the number of drugs available to treat symptoms for chronic diseases is increasing – just watch television in the evening to see that for yourself.

Big Pharma has no interest whatsoever in solving any of these problems and to be honest,  they couldn’t solve this problem with drugs anyway – because the solution to aging is to limit what you take – limit what you ingest – get less bad stuff and give your body time to recover. A drug that was truly for aging would most likely cause something else even worse.

When Bill Gates announced he would fund research he framed it as developing a drug to address a particular condition. That speaks for itself – if you can’t fund research without a commercial outcome how can you ever get to the real root cause and solution?

Alzheimers – we don’t really have to quote facts about the increase in Alzheimers. The epidemic is so vast and so pronounced that almost everyone has touched it with their parents, the friends parents, and more. It’s pretty hard to ignore that Alzheimer’s is in the future for one out of two seniors.

Autism – 40 years ago the number of childhood cases of autism of any kind was well under one in 100,000. Today we’re getting ready to pass 1 in 40. The national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – VAERS – only captures 1% of all injuries caused by vaccination. Still the incidence of adverse events on the autism spectrum are growing and the vaccine court that hears cases for vaccine injuries has awarded over $4B on cases of vaccine injuries. Although nobody wants to admit it, the absence of safety studies in the world of vaccines makes this area highly suspect at least as a contributing factor.


Most of the best solutions are tied to our food. Sure we’re exposed to things in our environment but the human body is designed to eliminate most toxins and cure most disease if it isn’t overloaded by to many bad things.

So what we can do right away is learn to recognize things that are harmful and avoid them whenever possible.

Consider CANCER. The human body has cancer cells. They’re cells that grow in almost every body. Your immune system normally keeps them in check. Normally cancer cells can get a hold in the body because they’re killed by the immune system and detoxed (think “take out the trash”) that night. If your immune system is functioning the way it should and your detox systems aren’t too clogged up, then you’ll be able to hold your own against cancer and many of the other chronic diseases. But inflammation is what gets cancer started – it puts the body out of balance and disables the immune system so that cancer can get out of control.

Obesity, which is a chronic disease, and diabetes which goes right along with it, are mainly caused by inflammation.

So best to look at things that cause inflammation and study how to slow those down.

The immune system creates inflammation whenever it detects that there are invaders in the body. Inflammation is a temporary tool that the immune system uses to combat things that shouldn’t be there.

So what foods inflame your body?

GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms have been proven in scientific studies and in clinical practice to inflame the gut and thus create a variety of symptoms. Avoiding GMOs is just a smart thing to do and if you avoid corn, soy, and wheat that have not been grown organically, you’ll eliminate the bulk of GMOs from your diet. Looking at package labelling will help you avoid more.

Lectins – lectins are proteins that form on various vegetable and produce products that are thought to be formed to protect the plant. In real life, people can be more or less sensitive to them but generally when eaten they bind with carbohydrates in the gut and play negative roles causing inflammation. One of the most notorious lectins is gluten. Found in grains such as wheat, some people are mildly or even strongly allergic to this lectin which generally causes inflammation.

Glyphosate – one thing you can count on is if you eat grains such as corn, wheat, soy, or any crop that is not organically grown, you’re going to be ingesting Glyphosate. Not only is it used to spray crops during growing, it is used to desiccate (dry out) crops once they are harvested. If you eat bread, or cereal, or any product made from or around these grains you’re going to get a steady dose of this and other pesticide/herbicides and these are the most deadly antibiotics on the planet. The guy who originally discovered Glyphosate put it on the shelf for fear that in using it he might cause the destruction of the planet. Unfortunately for us, Glyphosate is water soluble and therefore it can go anywhere and everywhere water goes – it is found in minute quantities in mother’s milk. It’s effect is to kill gut bacteria and cause massive inflammation in the gut which leads to leaky gut and that leads to even bigger issues.

Sugar – the best way I’ve seen to make this point is to point out what happens to any plant when it is super refined. What happens to a poppy? Sugar is a super-refined form of sugar beets or sugar cane – it’s in a form that was not intended to be ingested by humans. Its impact is immediate and sustained inflammation. As it is used in almost every packaged food known to man, it therefore puts packaged foods pretty much off limits. And that puts sodas with sugar and juices like orange juice off limits as well. Many people have gotten cancer under control just by eliminating sugar from their diets. But before we leave the subject, let’s realize that certain types of foods turn to sugar faster and in larger quantities than sugar. As soon as you place a slice of white bread or a mouthful of white potato into your mouth, your saliva goes to work converting that to sugar so quickly (glycemic index tells you which foods do this) that it might as well be sugar itself.

Dairy – the question keeps returning – do cows make milk for people or for calves (baby cows)? Most people are mildly allergic to dairy. Milk is really just cow puss that’s been homogenized and because of the rules around dairy they don’t have to tell you about the other contents – hormones, antibiotics, and more. Now if you’re committed to drinking your share of cow puss, the best on the planet if A2 milk, which is milk that’s been derived from certain types of cows that produce a very different type of milk that is much more digestible and of course organically produced so we don’t get the other ingredients that nobody talks about. If you can’t digest it then that will cause inflammation.

Meat – a number of very large scientific studies have already proven that people live longer when they don’t eat meat. It has also been proven without a doubt that meat eaters have a much higher cancer rate. All of the information about how much protein you need to stay healthy was manufactured by people who sell meat. It was never a scientific fact. If you listen to Tony Robbins very long – a vegetarian – he’ll tell you that a good diet of raw whole vegetables will provide all the protein a human needs. Once again we bought the massive misinformation campaign around meat. Just think about the media hype that sold us “corn fed beef” as being the best thing we ever ate. Remember that cows don’t eat corn at all – they’re not designed to eat corn or grains and they get sick and even die when they eat it. So who sold us on the idea that beef would be better if corn fed? Why does meat have such an impact on humans? It causes inflammation.

Yes if you eat only pasture-raised beef, chicken, and pork, it will be healthier than eating the alternative. But those producers are also misleading you about meat or they’ve grown up in a society who bought into the big lie and they’ve never known that eating meat was a big part of their problems.

Looking at the list, it probably seems like there’s nothing really safe to eat. The truth is, I’m not sure anyone ever actually does this 100%. The truth is that if you eliminate even a part of these your health will improve and your longevity will increase. If you slowly find a way to just eliminate packaged foods, your health will improve. If you find a way to eliminate sugar, and things that turn to sugar immediately, your health will improve.

Socrates said “Let food be thy medicine” – the truth is that bad food can kill you over a long period but good food can make you healthy a lot quicker.

Dr. Gerson became famous for curing cancer patients in a clinical setting. Sometimes you just have to leap over all the traditional medical cures – chemo, radiation, surgery – and do something you know is better for the patient. These traditional cures don’t cure cancer even though they have manipulated the data to say they do, if you look longer term, after the 6-12 months of most studies, you realize it’s just a scam – a multi-billion dollar scam but a scam. Susan B. Coman has raised billions to cure cancer and in all those years not one breakthrough has resulted – it’s just a much higher price for chemo, radiation, and surgery.

So Dr. Gersen said “Cancer is an inflammatory disease and the immune system isn’t doing it’s job” and he prescribed very healthy vitamin and enzyme-packed green drinks 3 times a day along with coffee enemas to get the detox system going and his patients not only got better but they experienced complete remissions in many cases. Does a cure have to be 100% to be valid? If so, then traditional cancer treatment fails that as well.


So you might feel there are many things listed that you just can’t do. That’s fine. Pick the ones you can and start there. Once you feel better, you have more mental clarity (one of the symptoms of inflammation is brain fog) you might decide to do more.

One of the things I can recommend to start is RESTORE

This can directly address the leaky gut with 2-3 tablespoons a day.

There are other supplements I’ll recommend in a future post. Once you’re firmly on the path, the supplements will help you get the nutrition from a new diet.