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If these conditions had a common denominator, some food item or toxin or irritant that if removed would lead to the condition going away, why wouldn’t a doctor or health care provider tell us?

When you listen to drug company commercials, they’re designed to be so redundant and boring, that all you do is watch the images which are happy images and tune out the words. What are the words they’re required to say?

First, they’re required to say that in one way or another, this drug won’t cure you illness. Next, they must say that these drugs can cause a variety of side effects some life threatening. And among all those words you barely hear, you’ll always hear something about not taking this drug if you have an infection or immune or auto-immune condition.

Why does almost every drug addressing skin conditions say something about your immune system? Because they all operate in one way or another on suppressing you immune system.

Why is that? Because your immune system is causing the problem. Your immune system is over-active – it’s fighting what it thinks to be an infection all the time 24X7. Why is it doing that?


Auto-immune is when your immune system is activated continuously by something your immune system takes to be a part of your body. Something we eat, drink, or get exposed to combined with a “leaky gut” causes our immune system to activate – we know because we have sinus issues, joint pains, loss of energy, brain fog, weight gain, and many other easy to notice symptoms.

Leaky gut would be completely unrelated except that it’s the mechanism that allows toxins and irritants to enter your blood stream where they should be. Leaky gut is simple a malfunction in your gut whether “tight junctions” once cell wide are damaged and open up to allow things that shouldn’t pass into the blood stream to get there which mimics an immune event and activates the immune system.

What damages the tight junctions. Well all you have to is check as to what has changed in the last 20-30 years in your intake. Every bite of food has chemicals and especially glyphosate in them – the most powerful anti-bacterial agent in the known world, along with chlorine in the water – a chemical that is reportedly there to fight tooth decay but has never affected the stats on tooth decay at any time since we began adding it to our water systems (see the movie “Idiocracy” which covers the subject of the future of the US when we substituted Gatorade for water in our water system)

When our immune system goes to work, it aggravates almost every organ and system in our body (if only activated short term it has very little negative impact) but generally in the early stages it shows up as something related to the weakest link and skin problems are a hallmark for auto-immune disease. And if you suppress the immune system to get rid of the symptoms, then instead of finding the root cause you mask it or cover it up temporarily (because you can’t suppress the immune system forever) and while you do, your body loses its ability to fight off the common problems. Your skin may get better.

You’ll get the flu easier because your immune system isn’t doing its job. You get cancer because the immune system is supposed to carry those cells away out of the body, but it can’t. And of course that’s just the beginning of the list. You need your immune system and the consequences of disabling it are serious.

What’s the solution to auto-immune? Find out what’s causing it. Odds are it’s a type of food like grains, dairy, or sugar, or a toxin in your environment like mold in the walls, chemicals in your cleaning products, or a cosmetic with aluminum or mercury in it. You might have a gardener who is spraying the weeds and you’re tracking it into your house.

A landmark case against Monsanto in California awarded a gardener/landscaper because he acquired non-hogkins lymphoma using Roundup.


If you’re going to get truly better you’re going to take responsibility for your own healthcare and you’re going to seriously question every time a doctor gives you a diagnosis that doesn’t sound like the root cause of the illness. Because right now your skin problems do have a root cause but you’re not likely to hear it unless you insist on finding it and leave any doctor who won’t help you find it.

The side affects of these drugs and how they suppress your immune system can seriously be much worse than your skin condition and the only reasonable course of action if you do convince yourself to take them is to commit to do so only for a short period of time and never accept that you have to take them for life (which is someone’s wish in this equation and you guess who that is but it’s not you).

If there was a root cause to your skin condition, is it likely that the drug company would tell you about it? NO it is not. That’s something that would take away 20+ years of selling you something that may cost insurance companies as much as one thousand a month or more. Be serious – they would never tell you.

If there was a root cause to your skin condition, is it likely your doctor would tell you? NO, because doctors must follow a strict (if invisible to the patient) standard of care. The hospital or clinic they work in avoid liability, keeps their insurance costs down, and generally stays out of trouble with their management and the drug companies by sticking to the diagnosis and prescription cycle that is accepted for this condition.

So who will help you find the root cause? Good question – if you can get a functional medicine doctor their training will immediately look for the root cause and not the symptoms. But most of the root causes can be determined by you with a simple elimination diet.

An elimination diet takes away the usual suspects, the foods known to cause the most auto-immune conditions. The top of that list is grains of any kind, dairy products, and sugar. Any food in a package is a suspect. For a test, just for a few weeks or a month if you can, find out if one of your foods is causing the issue. Commit to eat a plant-based diet, mainly fruits and vegetables, less meat, and drink lots of filtered water. Eliminate packaged foods from your diet.

Take a close look at chemicals you use around the house. Avoid them for a few weeks  or a month. And do the same with cosmetics.

You’re looking for a root cause. If you’ve found it, you will see a reduction in inflammation, achy joints, skin issues, foggy brain, and other symptoms. That can put you on the right track. You can experiment by placing one thing at a time back in your lifestyle until you discovered the bad guy.

Changing a diet isn’t easy. Changing everything you’re exposed to is even harder. The simple way would be just take a pill and suffer from side effects later. But that doesn’t lead to a life you’ll love and that sets you up to be a burden for your children.

Think about how serious this could be for your children and do it for them – take control of your health and you’ll always find more information to help you





Diabetes is going ballistic along with heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve disorders, and male fertility is dropping like a rock. Plus there’s just no room to list all the relatively new auto-immune diseases that get advertised on primetime TV now. Children are now developing type 2 diabetes, a partial outcome of obesity. Alzheimers is now mainstream – 50/50 chance that as your parents get older, Alzheimers will go with it.

Do we really think that any of the drugs that we see advertised are going to cure those illnesses?

Do we really believe that folks who offer us drugs want to cure our illnesses?

If a drug company could poison you and then sell you the drug that barely keeps you alive, would they do that for profit?

Did you know that some people are spending over $1,000 per month on drugs and insurance is picking up another 9-10,000?

So now do we really believe that if a drug merchant knew the root cause of a problem like auto-immune diseases like thyroid, inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, etc. they would tell us what that was?

And if someone came up with a cure for all those diseases, what would the drug company do to protect their product? Would they discredit the idea? Would they ruin the researcher that found it? Would they threaten his or her family, would they purchase the idea and bury it? – all common occurrences and more. And why would they do this? Don’t they like their fellow human beings?

So when we see commercials showing people with skin rashes on TV and we have a skin rash, are we easily distracted? Yes in many cases we are. We get distracted and forget that all of these people have only one thing in common – they don’t want you to find the root cause and they want your money.


A lot of things have changed in the past 30-50 years.

We’ve dramatically changed how we grow our food.

We’ve dramatically changed how we control climate.

We’ve dramatically changed how many vaccines we inject in our children.

We’ve dramatically changed our drinking water and what chemicals we’re exposed to.

We’ve dramatically changed the amount of toxic chemically used worldwide for any purpose.


For the first time in recent history, the average lifespan has been revised down.

Given all the money funneled into cancer research, we have more people dying from cancer than ever before in history and there’s still only the same three multi-million dollar treatments – surgery, chemo, and radiation – nothing has changed but the price.

Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorders have climbed from 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 40 and projected to be 1 in 4.

Undiagnosed diabetes including pre-diabetes has climbed to near 50% of our population.

I don’t know – is it possible that we’re so distracted by TV commercials showing hundreds of drugs for everything that ails you that we’ve missed the fact that we’re getting worse?


Not only are we getting sicker, but we’re also getting stupider – the average IQ is decreasing along with fertility rates in men and women. We’re going to get too stupid to figure out why we’re sick and just trust the drug companies to make us better why we go further in debt buying drugs that don’t cure us.


Well yes – it’s the one that believes that our greatest problem is over-population. The race that calls humans “useless eaters” and the ones who own the central banks, the drug and chemical companies, and our governments.


Yes there is.

You can take control of your food and water. You can find good uncontaminated sources of food and water.

You can reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. You can look carefully at cleaning products, gardening chemicals, cosmetics, and more.

You can adopt a plant-based organic diet.

Clinics all over the world have been curing everything from cancer to auto-immune. You can find testimonials on Youtube and Google – at least so far but internet censorship threatens to take that away. There are free videos almost weekly from various functional medicine doctors that will educate you on how to escape these traps and make the lifestyle changes mentioned above.

Just to see what’s at stake you can read these two letters about censoring Facebook.





  • You believe the body ages and wears out because you have seen the evidence (you believe) in generations of people who die
  • You believe the body needs technology and science to correct problems – vision, joints, digestion, disease, a pill for every ill, etc.
  • You believe that what you eat and what you expose yourself to doesn’t matter and certainly can’t make the difference between you having cancer or not
  • You believe that all the scientists and politicians working for drug companies and the FDA/CDC are working for your best interest and committed to healing you

Basing your philosophy about health on these basic beliefs is completely irrational and has no scientific validity.

There was a time largely reported in history including the bible when people lived for hundreds of years. We believe these to be legends because we live in a modern age with science on our side and many of us die at 70.

But consider the following beliefs supported by ample science.

  • The body was designed to live forever – if unencumbered by toxins, and enabled by proper nutrients, the body was designed to renew itself, replace all its cells,  detoxify itself, and live forever
  • The body has the ability to completely replace its cells in cycles generally less than 3 months
  • The body detoxifies itself of toxins and pollutants naturally when it is functioning correctly
  • The immune system eliminates most diseases and toxins such as cancer naturally – these chronic diseases cannot exist in the body that is functioning properly
  • The body does not function properly when it doesn’t receive the right nutrients
  • Animal-based protein drives the body to acidity (low PH balance) and creates an environment for disease
  • Plant-based protein and nutrients drives the body to alkalinity (high PH balance) and creates an environment for the body to eliminate all disease
  • If the body doesn’t function well then no drug or chemical can change the outcome – they can only temporarily mask the symptoms – but meanwhile they will damage the body and make it harder or impossible to function

Why aren’t these beliefs based on ample science not better known and followed by humans?

In our society, companies are allowed to sell you things that aren’t good for you. Also in that same society in the US, they are also allowed to sell you drugs that aren’t good for you.

In the US, our government can mandate that you use certain treatments and drug protocols whether you want to or not (ie. radiation, chemo, and surgery for cancer). And they can also mandate that your children receive a growing number of vaccines that include known carcinogens and toxins.

In the US, we grow genetically-modified food that no longer has the nutrients we need and contains toxins that are deadly to the humane body and our much-needed immune system.

When these influences converge to make us unhealthy, then we are given drugs that cost enormous amounts of money to mask the symptoms and keep us alive longer to take more drugs. No drug will ever cure us.

So we are living in “The Matrix” and the creators of that series of movies were seriously trying to tell us something.


The reason these ideas sound so preposterous is that you’re educated to believe otherwise from the time you first crack open a book in grammar school until you graduate from medical school. You’ve been fed the same false information for so long that it’s become your reality – whether true or not. YOUR BELIEF IN THESE FALSE FACTS ENABLES BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN BUSINESS FLOWING FROM OUR POCKET TO THEIRS.

Just consider the balance of your attention is commanded by advertising – radio, TV, movie theaters, printed materials, internet, etc. and then consider that on balance of how much education you get based on real science and real scientific studies, and people who provide you with good basic health education based on new scientific information? Who do you think funds the studies that form the foundation for everything you hear about a drug?

Besides, if people could heal themselves, then we couldn’t have any hospital TV series to watch – right? and trillions in drug and vaccine sales would disappear.


  • Doctors are using diet alone to completely cure cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and more.
  • Having fluoride in your drinking water is killing you and it’s not helping your teeth. If you eliminate this over time you’ll feel better.
  • Products you use as creams or personal care generally contain toxins that are absorbed by your skin and damage your gut and immune system. If you eliminate these over time you’ll feel better.
  • Everything you use that is packaged with “ingredients” and “warnings” on the labels are dangerous and if you eliminate those over time you will feel better.
  • Changing your diet and lifestyle over time can restore your health and make it possible for your body to recover it’s natural ability to heal and promote longevity.
  • Fasting resets your metabolism and immune system and causes your body to detox and cleanse itself – almost anyone can learn to water-fast for 5 days without serious health effects.
  • Eating an organic plant-based diet and minimizing animal protein and dairy products will quickly change your health for the better.


  • Who controls the research studies that are used to convince you that drugs are helping you?
  • Why is it that hundreds of millions of dollars per year have been going to cancer research for 20 years or more and yet no new cure has surfaced – the prevailing cure for cancer is still surgery, chemo, and radiation?
  • Why are almost 50% of people in America now overweighted and headed for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease?
  • Why are 1 in 35 children developing Autism Spectrum Disorder by age 10? And why is there a forecast that 1 in 3 children will develop ASD in the next 10 years?
  • Why don’t any of the drugs on the market cure any disease?

Most people think about improving their health by taking more – more healthy food, more vitamins and supplements, more drugs, etc.

In truth, managing your health is more about eliminating things and taking less. Gut health is your most important assets and everything that everyone is selling you is just ruining your gut. But you can recover if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.





Prescription drugs properly prescribed including vaccines is growing rapidly as one of the top 4 leading causes of death in America and not far behind worldwide. That means that if you go to the doctor and he prescribes a medication, you just doubled your risk of death in the near term and quadrupled your child’s chances. And in the case of infants 8 months or under, you’ve doubled the chances of sudden death syndrome.

But what about cancer and heart disease? In recent interviews of patients who had undergone radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and stem cells therapies, every one of those that survived said if they had to do it again, they would have done the stem cells first.

Thousands of heart disease patients are reporting complete or almost complete remission after changing their diet and/or lifestyle.

More people are dying from chronic diseases than ever before in history. That means that obesity, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune (which really covers hundreds of symptoms and diagnoses) and many different neurological diseases including Alzheimers and dementia, MS, and Autism all respond poorly to medications that always mask the symptoms but never cure the disease, while responding excellently to a change in diet.

We’re dying because of a perfect storm. Our food is killing us, chemicals are killing us, drugs are killing us, and our rain and our air are killing us. Any one of those we might adapt to but all of them at once?


The human body is nothing short of genius in action.

Ever read a label that says, “Safe if used in accordance with this label”?

Eat something bad for you, the body under normal operating conditions can detoxify and get rid of it.

Inhale something bad and the lungs can detoxify.

Ingest something that goes into the blood stream? The liver will remove it and allow the body to excrete it.

But when you don’t follow the directions on the label – say you inject something directly into your blood stream bypassing you stomach – now you’re violating the directions on the label and look out!

Let’s say you inject some aluminum and mercury into your blood stream – those are toxic but someone tells you – “it’s OK it’s safe.” – so you go ahead and do it. Let’s just jump over the fact that you’re 6 months old and weight 10 lbs.

Here you have this stuff entering your body via bloodstream and bypassing your normal mechanism in the gut for filtering and neutralizing these heavy metals. What’s going to happen if the body can’t eliminate them? Probably it will store them right? Try to put them away somewhere safe and insulated so they can’t hurt us.

But now we get another dose, and another. Still say “Trust us, it’s safe.”

But now, surprise, I get some aluminum from the rainfall or the air – it drops out of the sky because they’re doing some cloud seeding into the atmosphere and again, a “safe dose” reaches me through exposure to water and air.

But that’s not it, now I eat some fish and get more. Fortunately the impact is lower because my body is setup to detoxify air and food under normal circumstances.

But look – it’s not “normal circumstances” anymore because my immune system is depressed and I’m sick and my gut is not functioning properly because of all the exposure I’ve already gotten.

Still the body is setup to fight valiantly – fighting “the good fight” to reduce the burden. But now we’re really in trouble because here comes the Glyphosate – freshly sprayed on our corn and wheat because using it after harvesting helps dry the harvest faster so it can be taken to market. And besides, “trust me, it’s safe, it doesn’t harm humans.”

Glyphosate is not the worst thing in Roundup – the petroleum products in Roundup are far and away worse. But let’s stick with Glyphosate for a minute because it’s already been proven scientifically that it is more than harmful to humans in minute quantities. And it is additive and enhances the action of heavy metals. So although the body is designed with amazing capabilities to detox itself, it’s a losing battle when it’s coming at us from all angles.


The body can detoxify during sleep – we actually have a cycle that kicks in after we go to sleep. Of course if we can’t sleep or sleep intermittently then the process can’t really get to do it’s job. And what interferes with our sleep? Well the same things we’re talking about here as chemicals, combine with grains that we have scientifically proven the human body cannot digest, along with Lectins – the poison byproduct that plants secret that attaches to our gut lining and renders it ineffective in digesting and absorbing nutrients. And let’s don’t forget to add sugar to this perfect storm. It was always bio-available in natural quantities in fruits and vegetables, but once we refined it and added high fructose corn syrup, we created something as potent as cocaine (also a refined powder from a natural plant) and when you add the devastating effect that sugar has on the body you don’t really have to go any further – it’s a perfect storm.

We can generate our own stem cells – you know that in the times of our ancestors, the plains people, we would go for weeks without eating and days without water. No matter who you believe evolution works, these conditions would result in a body that stored food as fat, then when no food was available, burned fat for energy – the average human body can go for months without refueling. And until you’ve gone without food for 3-5 days, you body doesn’t realize “Oh, I’m not going to see a meal every 4 hours – better start burning some fat!”

And now as I begin to burn my natural fuel, the thing the human body was designed to live on, something else happens. The greatest detoxification miracle ever designed – the body begins to destroy every weak or cancerous cell it can find – consuming the damaged or weak cells (autophagy) and killing them off completely (apoptosis) and eliminating them while mobilizing stem cells (they’re already there in your fat and everywhere in the body) to replace the old ones – this is why Depak Chopra and others remind us that every cell in our body replaces itself frequently.

Oh did you think you needed to fly to a clinic in some foreign country to get a stem cell injection? No, you can do that right here in the United states – they’ll harvest your own stem cells from your fat and inject them where they’re needed – the body can do it but if you want to speed up the process then help nature take a short cut.

So in our natural state with all functions working, we can repair any disease and overcome any illness.


If you were the richest man in the world and one day you were struck with the population numbers. Soon humans would multiply to the point where the earth could no longer sustain us. Soon we would reach the point that our pollution would smother the planet and our demand for products and foods would surpass the world’s ability to keep up. You knew in your gut that unless someone did something it would certainly threaten the way of life of you and your family. What would you do?

Perhaps first you would introduce birth control hoping it would catch on and become the normal thing. But after ten years of sinking billions into birth control, it would hardly make a dent in the problem.

What would you do next?

You might ask the question, “How can we slow down population growth? How could we limit life span? How could we subtly increase the death rate? Because you believed that your fellow humans were too stupid to know better, you would conclude that drastic measures would be warranted. It was time for an “intervention.”

Only you can decide if this hypothetical conversation ever occurred. I don’t know myself. But what I do know, is that as a plan, this one could actually work. Reduce the population by half in 100 years? Done.


Those that know me know that I’m not an “Apocalypse” kind of guy. in my mind, titling this article automatically attracts some of the wrong readers and repels some of the good ones. I can only hope after reading it, you forward to a few friends with a note that says, “The title may throw you but read on there are some important ideas in here.”

Scientists call it “tolerance stacking” – it when everything is within tolerance in an experiment but the sum total of all of the variances is out of tolerance. And our environment may be safe or within tolerance for a few items but cumulatively it is definitely “out of tolerance.” And by that I mean even if we accept the FDA and CDC idea that a certain amount of mercury and aluminum is OK or safe, when you add that to everything else, suddenly there’s a massive problem and everyone is “trusting me” away the problem.

Now let’s look at the elements of the “PERFECT PLAN” in more detail…

Pharmaceuticals – let’s focus on people who make billions by selling you things to mask and cover symptoms caused by things in the environment – food, pesticides, GMO seeds, and more caused by other divisions or entities with common interests. The more people get sick the more drugs we sell. And remember that vaccines are a trillion dollar business that kills over 50% of the university and private studies that don’t agree with their narrative on vaccines. Even a Harvard research team of noted scientists can’t get their work accepted or published when it doesn’t agree with big Pharma. How much wouldn’t they spend to protect this business? A billion is pocket change in terms of protecting this business. Do you have any idea how many competent doctors and scientists they have ruined because they dared to go against the chosen narrative? Contrary studies and experts are popping up all over the world and investigators are exposing documents that show the CDC and FDA are corrupt and owned by the Pharma industry and yet they still manage to keep this alive – even in the face of stats that show that over 1 in 2 children, 50% will have Autism resulting from vaccination. Most people don’t know that the Pharma industry is completely immune from vaccine suits and litigation – the American public has been footing the bill in the billions to defend and hold harmless the Pharma industry. Every time a suit comes up it goes to “Vaccine Court” where our own government defends big Pharma and belittles and argues with victims to deprive them of settlements resulting from vaccinations that rob thousands of children of their lives and their parents as well. The situation in this industry could only exist if the entire US government knew about it and turned away. It could only exist if a majority of management in the CDC and FDA and US government decided to allow the killing or disabling of children to continue. The only reason you don’t believe this right now is that you cannot believe that so many people would participate in activities they knew would kill or disable millions of children. You refuse to believe it and therefore you ignore the facts. The facts are out there waiting for you.

Agriculture – let’s focus on how we turned over our agricultural process to the people who produced the gas used by Hitler for the jews. We turned over our agriculture to a group that the international tribunal at Hague concluding in 2017 pronounced a criminal company.

“The Monsanto Tribunal took place in 2016-2017 in The Hague. Five judges delivered a legal opinion and concluded that Monsanto’s (now, Bayer) activities have a negative impact on basic human rights. Better regulations are needed to protect the victims of multinational corporations. International law should be improved for better protection of the environment and include the crime of ecocide. The entire process is documented in a brochure and  a documentary titled “The Monsanto International Tribunal, the Making of”.

GMOs and Insecticides and herbicides are only a few ways that big Agri-Biz has impacted our agriculture and our health. By patenting seeds these companies have insured that they can eventually drive any other farmer out of business. It is not uncommon for a train of black suburbans to show up at a farm for x-military types to speak to the farmer about why he’s not planting their seed. In farms that refuse to grow GMO, the strategy is to wait until the GMO seed blows into their field, then do testing, and charge the farmer with violating their patent and shut down their farm.

Agricultural runoff of GMOs and Glyphosate have contaminated our ground water, dried out our fields until they can no longer be planted, and run into our oceans where they have contaminated our fish. Today when a baby is born, a blood test shows measurable quantities of Glyphosate – a source of inflammation and then more serious problems as various medications and vaccines add to the perfect storm.

Inflammation is how the body fights off its enemies. When it is inflamed all the time, things begin early deterioration and bad things happen earlier and earlier. We now have more obese and diabetic children than ever before in history.

We have also seen the introduction of “factory farms” for raising our beef, pork, and chicken. These are designed to be very efficient but at the cost of sanitary conditions – today in a typical factory farm for pigs, up to 30% of the herd will die before maturity even though high doses of antibiotics are used. These pigs are raised knee-deep in their own feces for their entire lifespan – would there be a possibility of infections and diseases?

These animals not only pass on antibiotics to our table, they are also fed GMO corn and soy which finds it’s way to our table as well along with heavy doses of Glyphosate. These substances are heavily concentrated in milk and dairy products. The amount of estrogen is also a factor – it doesn’t have to be listed on labels nor anything else for that matter but since we began milking cows while pregnant, the amount of estrogen in milk has skyrocketed and so have “man boobs.” Just a coincidence? – everything can’t be a coincidence.

Our crops no longer have any minerals or vitamins because the soil they’re growing in is dead. Ask any farmer who just purchased a tractor 3 times the size of the older one – did he just want a new bigger tractor? No, it now takes 5-7 times the force to break the ground because it is no longer alive. All of the organisms that populate the ground are gone and those are the same organisms that carried the minerals and made them available to the plants. Just because you don’t see “scorched earth” when you look at a field of corn doesn’t mean it isn’t scorched.

Farmers are reporting that they are harvesting one-half or even one-third the production per acre based on 10-15 years ago.

And if you think that Organic Foods is the answer, just think about how much money big Agri-BIz would spend to put organic foods under their umbrella and control?

Healthcare – its very possible that within the next 10 years, healthcare itself will kill more people than any one disease. Certainly, anyone who has been a cancer patient will tell you that of the billions invested in cancer research and cures, not one solution has appeared that didn’t make the big Pharma companies more money. The cost of chemotherapy and radiation have not come down as a result of research and the only statistics generated on these “cures” don’t track patients long enough to show us that their survival rate is lower than had they not been treated at all.

The doctors are trained using data developed by the Pharmaceutical companies. These companies own everything. Universities are so dependent on big Pharma grants that big Pharma owns them and every so often when someone – a doctor or researcher – steps out of line, they make an example of him or her, ruin their career, their family, everything on earth – think black, scorched earth – and make it highly visible to everyone in that university system.

The same is true of the media. They place 60% or more of the advertising – they own key markets and media. If a media outlet wants to publish something anti-Pharma, they quickly learn that there is a reason why these guys place so many ads in those outlets.

The studies and stats that you read are exactly what big Pharma wants you to read – make no mistake. Over 50% of the papers and research studies submitted for peer review to the journals are not published – and are killed because they present potentially damaging research. Meanwhile, a study published by a prestigious university group funded by a non-profit nobody has ever heard of, gets published and is very helpful to the Pharma industry. Nobody looks more closely at a non-profit or they would see that the special interests were funding it and its clear that the setup was solely for the purpose of deception no matter how cleverly the non-profit was named.

Lately there’s been a trend to make non-profits more “believable” by installing “true believers” in key roles – people with misguided understandings driven by a good cause but lacking the actual mental capacity to understand how they’re being used.

Meanwhile alternative medicine is in high demand putting insurance companies in a dilemma. It’s clear that Functional Medicine is getting traction among patients and even traditional doctors. Doctors who look for root causes of disease instead of simply diagnosing and prescribing. Doctors who don’t believe in pharmaceuticals but believe and can prove with thousands of patient case studies that food is thy medicine.

Insurance companies are beginning to see better longevity, reduction and reversal of obesity, diabetes, heart disease – it’s impossible to escape and some insurance carriers are looking for ways to support on a limited basis. The economics are there but the big Pharma companies are putting more pressure on doctors and insurers to shape the narrative and reality again to their liking. Once again, billions of dollars against a grass roots efforts to improve health. The battle ground appears to be whose narrative wins?

But the numbers are abysmal and you can only cover it up so long. For the first time in our known history, the average life span has decreased. People are sicker, their quality of life is shorter before they get sick and become an invalid where they will live out their days in a wheel chair or a bed – big Pharma will try to keep them alive as long as possible so they can continue using 12 drugs per day.

I know this are very hard to believe – how could things be so bad? Wouldn’t someone else be talking about this? When you’re ready to listen and believe, the facts are already out there waiting for you.

Geo-engineering – is it possible that we really are spraying our atmosphere with aluminum?  Is there another explanation for why there are factories throughout the world producing millions of tons of micro-powdered aluminum?

Would climate control explain this?

If we can test the soil anywhere in the world and find micro-particles of aluminum, does that confirm that we must be distributing it into the atmosphere? Why?

One theory is that it provides a form of cloud seeding control over the weather. Another that it creates a reflective layer that turns the suns UV rays back into space and away from the earth thus cooling the planet.

Whatever the theory you believe, the aluminum micro-particles are real – they’re measurable and can be found in Iceland in the snow pack. They’re everywhere and why would you even look for them?

Because adding that aluminum to the already excessive burden from vaccines and agriculture, you now have another source for what might be termed “safe exposure below safety limits” but we know that given everything else in our environment, none of this can possible be “below safe limits.”


Perhaps this is all just a story – a conspiracy theory as unbelievable as any. The whole idea that the richest man in the world would hold malice toward humanity may be a stretch. The idea that anyone could put together such a evil plan too far reaching. Perhaps nobody planned this – it was just the random action of a wide variety of large companies acting in their own corrupt financial interests. Of course it is normal for big companies to scheme and plot about removing competition and taking over the government – we see movies about that all the time. And of course we’ve already proven that’s exactly what has happened – it’s easier to prove it than unseat the villains.

What would it look like to undo some of these things? It’s certainly going to be messy – no way around it.

Take pharmaceuticals and vaccines. They have the public convinced that we’ll have major outbreaks if we stop vaccinating. They spend billions creating that narrative. They do not use any scientific evidence to prove that at all. They don’t need it. They have come to understand how to shape the narrative with Mr. and Mrs. America without uttering a single word of science (something backed up by real unbiased studies and peer-reviewed conclusions). Meanwhile there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to support any danger of that kind at all. It is very likely that if we immediately stopped vaccination our rates would either stay the same or decline – in some areas it has already been proven they would decline.

The vaccine industry would stop  – hundreds of thousands of people would lose their jobs – overnight they would just stop. Without the protection of the vaccine court, the pharmaceutical industry would not have the risk protection paid by the US government and would just stop. It would be the best thing but the most unlikely thing.

Of course playing the game the way they do, they would find cases where they could prove that the absence of vaccination causes a illness and put that into the press. Shame the US into re-instating vaccines on some limited basis.

China and the UK have already curtailed vaccines but not yet across the board. The US has been decades behind the rest of the world on this issue.

What about agriculture? Can we remove support from the agri-biz industry sufficient to “put them out of business”? Can we just buy local and organic and remove our dollars? Many people say this is the way to do it but most are incapable of understanding how these people think and what having billions available to fight makes them capable of. I can guarantee you the solution to getting back our freedoms in this arena are far from as easy as where we purchase our food. But that is a good start. It works for shutting down factory farms and production of meats as well.

Do we think that political action is going to give us some traction? Is activism the answer? I would advise that these industries have been anticipating activism and political action for a long time and have had time to prepare – they own all the key senate and house positions – they own the agencies (FDA, CDC, EPA, etc.) – they own the media – they’re prepared in this arena.


This is probably the question I find the most challenging. I always marvel at the movies that  display the ‘end of the world” scenario and somehow they pull off a save. How do they think of those things? In the movie “The Avengers Infinity War” just out recently, (SPOILER ALERT) the bad guy won. He killed all the super heroes and half the people in the universe just turned to dust. He clearly believed that over-population was the biggest threat and he fixed it with a snap of his finger. Poof – half the population was gone. In the movie, a Marvel Masterpiece, the Avengers could only do what they did – fight him head-on time and time again, gang up on him, look for bigger weapons and weaknesses – a whole movie of the Avengers fighting and losing. Which I guess illustrated that when you try to go head to head with an enemy who is way too strong for you, and prepared and on his turf, you lose every time.

Which suggests that we should not fight the enemy head to head and not on his turf or in his arena.

The only thing I know of that we have that fits that description is our buying power. We have the ability to chose where we shop and what we purchase. We have the ability to raise our own food, work with local farmers, and the ability to say “no” to mainstream medicine and “yes” to alternatives. Of course we don’t have choices when it comes to urgent care – but we have so many times when we do.

I’m excited to hear your comments. Thanks for reading.


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Opening Pandora's Bread Box: The Critical Role of Wheat Lectin in Human Disease

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