Aging and Obesity Revisited


Let me suggest a different story about us. I’m clinically obese so I’ve spent a lot of time studying the subject.

Forget everything you thought and heard for a few minutes and consider the possibility that your situation was not so much how much you eat as it is what you eat. That’s right, consider that if you were eating the right things you could eat as much as you want and your weight would normalize.

Don’t think you have a body style or genes that determine that you’re going to be fat no matter what you eat.

Think differently.

Consider for a minute that obesity is aging you and at any moment you could reverse obesity and reverse aging as well.


Something interesting about fat cells. They are active not passive and they produce hormones so once you get some fat cells going they produce hormones that promote inflammation and a chemical imbalance which encourages your body to produce and store more fat.

Meanwhile if you beat yourself up enough and stress over being fat, you system reacts to that stress by…you guessed it… producing and storing more fat.

It is a cycle that is self-perpetuating but not one that you can’t conquer.


We all know this without having anyone tell us but now after 20 years of being overweight I have finally realized that gradually every year the additional weight and chemical imbalance takes it toll on the body and all its organs.

It slows down your thyroid so that you store more fat and feel slower and have less energy.

It forms around your organs and begins to slow those and make them malfunction – organs like your liver – the thing that helps purify and filter your blood.

And gradually being overweight takes a toll on every organ in your body and as your organs slow down or malfunction, you begin to age and feel bad.

It’s not natural for this to happen. Everyone assumes that the human body was built to age. It’s not aging, it the accumulation of years and years of eating the wrong foods until you body can no longer eliminate and toxins and junk it’s been filtering and eliminating.

We’re not a healthy society. More people are suffering from diabetes and heart disease and Alzheimers than ever before in history. We have dozens of auto-immune symptoms caused by our food and our medications themselves that attack our bodies and cause pains of all kinds and the pharmaceutical industry is having a field day making up drugs that provide some symptomatic relief but never cure anything.


Our food supply is tainted and is contributing more to our condition than most anything else we can name. We’re eating packaged foods that have no nutritional value at all and we’re convinced that it’s good.

We’re eating fast foods that have no food value at all and in addition introduce all kinds of toxins into our body – too much for our partially impaired organs to handle.

We’re eating foods raised in factory farms that spread disease, dose us with antibiotics, and give us fruits and vegetables that are devoid of nutrition and loaded with toxins like Glyphosate and GMOs.

The truth that’s too basic to believe is that chronic diseases caused by these conditions and their effect on our food supply is going to bankrupt our healthcare system in the next 10-20 years.

It’s so basic that it’s unbelievable. But nevertheless the truth.


Chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers, and many variations are on the upswing and with it obesity. Obesity is simply a symptom and not the cause of the problem. We’re getting fat because we’re eating foods that have too much of the wrong thing and in other cases none of the right things.

But to take a closer look, we start with the gut.

Your “gut” or intestinal tract, is where 80% or more of your immune system lives. You have more bacteria cells in your gut than the rest of the cells in your entire body combined. In fact, most gastroenterologists believe that as a human being we are a bundle of bacteria covered by a shell thin shell of organs and skin. Most everything that happens or doesn’t happen in the body begins in the gut with hormones activated by bacterial interaction with what we eat along with signals from our brain and other organs.

Years of feeding these bacteria the wrong things has killed most of the good bacteria and instead fed the bad guys. Now we no longer have the broad diversity that we started our lives with when we picked up our bacterial diversity in the birth canal for the first time, now we have a very mutated and narrow range of bad guys who cause inflammation and weaken our immune system.

As crazy and over-simplified as you might believe it sounds, almost every chronic disease has it’s roots in a weak immune system. For instance, cancer cells exist in every human body but it only migrates into “runaway” mode in some bodies. The immune system in your body generally can keep cancer cells in check.

And further, when you dose with radioactive material either through “chemo” or “radiation” you further weaken or kill off your immune system altogether. Meanwhile the clinics springing up all over the world in every country save the one country that has cancer treatments as one of the largest big-pharma revenue streams in the world, are curing cancer at an alarming rate by regenerating the immune system along with the bacteria and cells that reside in the gut.

Cancer research has consumed billions of dollars and decades without producing a cure. Meanwhile clinics all over the world are helping patients who were terminal to complete remission. The only people who deny this are those with a finger or toe in the revenue stream created by cancer.

The same if true of diabetes. After many years of killing off our gut, we begin to develop anti-bodies to some of our organs – those are immune cells that see our organs as the enemy and start to attack – the liver, the pancreas, the thyroid – auto-immune is just another variation of the same general theme – rampant inflammation signaled by aching joints, headaches, poor circulation, indigestion, followed by high blood sugar which now deposits itself as fat and creates obesity along with damage to every other organ in the body including the brain (Glycation of the brain being the operating mode for Alzheimers).

Each time the body deteriorates as a result of these conditions, obesity becomes one of the key byproducts. It is therefore very much a symptom but not a cause except that after years of obesity, it can now become one of many causes for the very chronic diseases it signaled.


I’ve come to think of this as the mantra of the last century of medicine. You go to the doctor, he weighs you, and unless he finds something worse, he tells you to eat less and exercise more. It’s the classic belief that overweight comes from eating too much and laziness.

But given the conditions that cause obesity, you’re going to turn less food into more fat, and more exercise into more appetite and the whole effort will be as millions of overweight people has discovered, a net zero game.

And for all of those that think will power is the key – it certainly is – but using will power to eat less and exercise more has never resulted in a lasting solution – anywhere on the planet, any time in history, never documented and never proven. It’s just the wrong idea fueled by misinformation and prejudice. And by the way, did you realize that insulin is a big business and has never cured one diabetic?


Are you going to be one of the masses who wakes and realized you’re too sick to fight back? Will you be someone who says they never learned the truth about how to stay healthy?

Nowadays there are many free online workshops you can attend rather than watching TV and you can learn about your health and the latest research no matter what your symptoms. You can learn about your conditions, learn that they are curable, and learn to take care of your own healthcare.

It’s time to do that.


Preventing Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease

It might surprise you to know that mountains of research are piling up on the idea that all of these illnesses have a common cause. Not only our country but the civilized world has been growing not only diagnosed illnesses but in many cases undiagnosed numbers of cases that are staggering..

The Common Denominator

When an isolated tribe or society in parts of the world where trade was not common are discovered, without exception these societal groups do not suffer from any of these chronic diseases. These disease occur only in modern society. When trade begins with an isolated societal group and western packaged foods and medicines are made available, all of these chronic disease begin to occur within the first generation.

Western food and medicine are clearly at the root of chronic diseases.

Where to Start

When we look at illnesses like cancer, it is clear that radiation and chemo-therapy are clearly not cures for cancer. Their longer term success rate are often shadowed by statistics for short term remission but zapping the body with radiation and burning out cancer cells that are otherwise immortal is only a temporary and very painful cure that generally kills all but the very healthy and sets the stage for hundreds of new illnesses that occur when your immune system has already failed.

The root cause of cancer is a weak immune system. The immune system carries away cancer cells which we all have all of the time. Our normal functioning body knows how to handle cancer cells but something else in our environment has weakened our immune system and made us targets for illnesses like cancer.

No Cure for Cancer

I heard someone say the other day that there was no cure yet for cancer. We were discussing the Susan G. Koman Foundation, the massive funds they have raised, and reports that they have not been involved in any research that promised a cure for cancer.

It suddenly dawned on me that everyone thinks there aren’t any cures for cancer when there clearly are as recently chronicled by the documentary, “The Truth About Cancer.” Most people are actually certain that there isn’t a cure for cancer while massive evidence exists to the contrary.

Of course confusion is created by the massive lobbies for cancer treatment. The FDA and government agencies in general have proven to be ruthless by driving alternative medicine clinics out of business, destroying all patient records and sometimes even placing physicians in jail for not prescribing the standard treatments for cancer. It’s clear from hundreds of true stories that the pharmaceutical companies intend to force their costly solutions on every cancer patient in the world as long a there is someone to pay for it.

Mechanics of a Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease generally shows up first with the weakest organ in the body. For most women that the thyroid and Hashimotos and Graves Disease begin to show up first. There are millions of cases of these illnesses and the lab test markers will often show up 10 years before systems become to strong to ignore.

In other cases, the problems show up in the liver or pancreases and the symptoms become obesity and diabetes.

The common mechanism for all of these conditions is chronic inflammation. A sustained use of the immune system until it weakens and burns out.

Pharmaceutical companies know your immune system is compromised.They’re selling you drugs that generally weaken the immune system even more. They know that almost everyone suffers from some level of auto-immune disease, a condition that has the body attacking its own organs.

The world of auto-immunity is a very fertile development environment for families and generations of drugs that do their work by suppressing an over-active immune system.

Some people have skin and nerve disorders that show up at itching or fiber myalgia and others develop a general brain fog and comes with a variety of organ failures and eventually Alzheimers. There are whole families of symptoms for skins or all of the bodily organs while the immune system attacks these and causes them to fail.

If the root cause of the auto-immune of located and addressed, the body gradually heals itself, the immune system begins to function again, and the symptoms gradually reside.

What Causes Inflammation?

There are so many competing environmental factors that it is unlikely that you suffer from just one cause but more likely there are many.

Even though you might suffer from a simple allergy to things that grow and blow outdoors, in the past 20 years we increased the potential toxins in the air. Each year we produce more chemicals and those chemicals generally go into the ground and into the air. And just like DDT, our chemicals from with a very strong PR package that causes us to believe they are entirely safe to humans only to find years later that they are not.

The current round is Round-up and Glyphosate, but soon that will be replaced just like DDT, the next bigger chemical and PR package that states that it’s much safer than the old chemicals. Most people are not only allergic to the chemicals but the genetically modified crops that go with them. Yes, most people have some allergy to GMOs.

But all of these chemicals attack the human gut in ways that we do not fully understand. But it is clear that 80% of the human immune system resides in the gut.

And among the strongest influences not yet discussed are the foods we eat. As our society developed, we replaced real live whole foods with packaged foods. We began to change how we raised beef, pork, and chicken. And slowly the amount of dangerous and toxic hormones and antibiotics has risen to the point where almost any prepared or packaged food whether vegetable, fruit, or ranch cannot be eaten without compromising your immune system.

Some of the same companies who sell the GMO seeds and Round-Up also own pharmaceutical companies who make a better profit as long as you remain ill for the rest of your life. Seems that this truth is so monstrous that most people refuse to believe it.

And you can add vaccinations to that list as well. It has been clear for a long time that pharmaceutical companies spend millions to get the law enforcement agencies to believe that those who are not vaccinated should be separated from the rest of society or forced to undergo vaccination against their will.

But meanwhile we’ve generally adopted the belief that “government knows best” without realizing that “government” is the big pharmaceutical companies and not some decision that we participated in.

Inflammation is the body’s normal response when we get a cut or an injury. But those things heal and inflammation goes away. What happens when inflammation is continuous and never goes away?

What to Do?

It would be easy to recommend a number of steps at this point to reduce inflammation but there are so many potential causes as to make any recommendation too general or incorrect as to be irrelevant.

In general I recommend:

  1. Get tested and find out what factors are causing your inflammation.
  2. Remove the root causes of inflammation.

Overall, it is clear that you cannot rely on most physicians to help you with this. Physicians other than functional medicine physicians are not educated to treat the root cause of disease. Medical school and the curriculum used is mainly funded by the pharmaceutical industry and has it primary focus on diagnosis and prescription – identify the symptoms and prescribe the drug.

Too impatient to get the lab tests done?

  1. Eliminate all grains from your diet.
  2. Eliminate all dairy from your diet.
  3. Eliminate all packaged foods from your diet.
  4. Eliminate all refined sugar and flour from your diet.
  5. Eliminate all vegetable oils from your diet.
  6. Eliminate all beef that is not 100% grass-fed and finished.
  7. Eliminate all chicken and eggs that are not 100% free range.
  8. Eat organic as often as possible.

Then see what symptoms go away.

One way to prevent or even cure cancer is found in this article by Dr. Mercola.

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Wheat, Gluten and AutoImmune Disease


I just attended a conference with over 40 speakers on this topic. Actually the main focus of the conference was centered around fat but most speakers centered their talks arounds the impact of autoimmune diseases on the human body.

What is Autoimmune and Why is it Important?

Autoimmune refers to a condition where the body’s immune system attacks the body. Generally it attacks specific organs as shown in the graphic above. In fact, it really attacks all organs and what shows up is the weakest link. Generally your genetic makeup determines which organ will be the weakest link – it varies from person to person and that’s why autoimmune has so many faces. It can show up in many people as Hashimotos because the immune system has been attacking the Thyroid for years.

Many of these symptoms don’t show up for 5-7 years. Of course if your doctor knew the right tests to administer and if insurance would pay for them, these conditions could be detected many years before they actually started producing symptoms.

With autoimmune, tests will show widespread attacks or anti-bodies for many organs years before one or more start to fail.


There are as many symptoms as there are organs in the body. Suddenly it’s harder to keep your weight down and you find you’re eating more and craving things you didn’t used to eat. So you start increasing weight. You may become aware that you’re fatigued more often and don’t have the energy you did and you might think that is aging but it isn’t.

Your doctor might tell you your blood sugar is up – your triglycerides – a measure of how much unused sugar you have floating around in your blood. You might be diagnosed as pre-diabetic or having metabolic syndrome – a short list of factors that point to early-stage diabetes.

But again the symptoms can vary and they generally come on fairly slowly over time. Your skin might start to become blemished or you might have more indigestion more often, you might have problems with sleeping, or any number of things pointing to a change in your metabolism – your doctor will say it’s just aging but that’s because he doesn’t believe the human body was made to care for itself for a much longer period than most doctors believe in.


In fact, if you want to get a better description of the symptoms just watch the drug commercials on television. The pharmaceutical industry will provide a variety of drugs that suppress the immune system. They won’t cure the problem that caused these symptoms because that would result in selling you a lot fewer drugs so they’ll sell you drugs that suppress or compromise your immune system and temporarily prevent it from attacking your suffering organ, or anything else for that matter. When you hear the mandatory warnings note that they always have to do with telling your doctor if you have certain symptoms already that would require an immune response to infection, etc.

The Underlying Cause

Meanwhile as the medical establishment prescribes insulin, or Synthroid, or a variety of other medications that only mask the symptoms and while the drug companies make an ever-increasing array of drugs and educate doctors in how to diagnose and prescribe, the real underlying cause remains hidden because there is not a lot of money in curing people permanently.

Make no mistake, autoimmune has already been proven to be reversible and curable. It’s already a fact but nobody selling, dispensing, or prescribing drugs is going to tell you that.

For over 20 years, functional medicine doctors have been diagnosing and treating the various forms of autoimmune. It has only been in the past 5 years that these doctors and the many researchers have begun to realize that there is one root cause for all of the chronic diseases that have only shown up in the past 40 years.

Chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, cancer, and more…

Health Signpost

…have as their underlying cause, chronic inflammation. Explained in more detail in several posts on this website, inflammation is the root cause of triggering the autoimmune response and a part of a downward spiral where cause and effect feed each other until it is difficult to determine whether inflammation caused autoimmune or vice versa.

Inflammation occurs for a variety of reasons but it generally refers to the triggering of the bodies immune system to fight off a perceived infection. When you have a cut it is normal for the body to use temporary inflammation to cure the cut. But that response comes and goes fairly quickly. A normal state in the body would be that no immune response or antibodies are triggered day to day because they are not needed.

But when the body perceives a threat it generates the immune response and the body is continually in a state of inflammation. That inflammation and immune response in turn causes all sorts of “risk factors” like high cholesterol, blood pressure, high blood sugar, and more.


But what is the most common cause of chronic inflammation? What if instead of developing a drug to fight the symptoms we just kept asking the question, “Why is there inflammation?” – this is what functional medicine does – it keeps asking “Why” until it gets to the root cause of the problem.

And the root cause it surprising because it’s gluten.

Just Because Everyone Doesn’t Have Symptoms Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Hurting Them

The most important discovery for this century is that ALL HUMANS, and most animals, are  not designed to eat wheat, barley, rye, or any derivative thereof.


Why? Because wheat and other foods derived from grasses erode and damage the gut OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

Sure, cows have a different digestive system and their stomachs are designed to eat grasses, but humans are not cows and eating wheat slowly but surely damages and erodes the gut until sooner or later we develop a “leaky gut” – a gut that has been eroded to the point where undigested food particles start to slip through the cracks and into the blood stream. When this starts to happen then various foods that we eat often begin to bind to proteins and cells in the body that belong to various organs and then new combined proteins are now seen by the body’s immune system as “the enemy” and then eating more of that food just continually triggers the immune response – inflammation.


Dr. Osborne provides detailed insight into this issue in his book “NO GRAIN NO PAIN” but what I’m giving you in this post is the bottom line of listening to dozens of speakers – doctors who have cured patients permanently of their autoimmune diseases and researchers who have proven without a shadow of doubt what the underlying cause is.

If you eat grains – bread, pastries, any kind of refined flour, granola, granola bars, it doesn’t matter what form it takes, and any of the thousands of packaged food items that also contain wheat or gluten, then 5-7 years down the road, and sometimes longer, you’re going to start to notice the symptoms of autoimmune.

And you’ll no doubt think it is aging and your doctor will agree with you unless he or she is a doctor of functional medicine in which case they’re schedule you for a number of tests and then systematically find the root cause issue.

But while you are waiting, they’ll tell you to stop eating wheat.

Consequences of Labelling Wheat a NON-STARTER

I don’t mean to trivialize the realization that humans cannot eat wheat. Our entire agricultural system is built around wheat because it’s easy and cheap to grow, it’s a significant source of calories and protein, and if everyone in America stopped eating wheat tomorrow our entire economy would collapse.

But it’s also a significant source of toxins over and above it’s basic mismatch with the human digestive system.

GMO wheat crops dominate our food system. These are seeds genetically modified to withstand the effects of RoundUP – the product from Monsanto that now has been discovered to not only contain Glyphosate, a potent insecticide, but also some hidden petroleum distillates that were not listed as “active ingredients” but most certainly are and to boot at 10X more dangerous than the Glyphosate. GMO plants absorb RoundUP like a sponge and have been found in our entire water system, in human urine samples, and even in organic crops due to overspray and ground water contamination.

And besides our basic reaction to wheat, all of those ingredients mentioned in RoundUP are toxic hormone disrupters that not only cause inflammation but also disrupt the basic metabolic responses of the body.


Will Eliminating Wheat Solve All My Problems?

We live in a complex environment with complex intake of nutrition and exposure to toxins. You might also be allergic to other common foods because “leaky gut syndrome” opens the doors for you to become allergic to more than just wheat. Wheat is an automatic, but leaky gut might also make you allergic to dairy products – something most of us eat frequently and therefore stand more chance of creating antibodies and an immune response. So we have to get off wheat for 30 days or more to begin to repair the damage and in the meantime there may be other contributors.

Aside from wheat when we’re older and we’ve had a steady diet of fish for instance, we might have a buildup of mercury from eating the wrong fish and that can contribute to our inflammation as well.

So testing is important to help us understand what elements are contributing to inflammation.

As well, there are many environmental contributors of toxins that we might be sensitive to. Chemicals we use in the home, garden, garage, and people spraying in local fields, contribute greatly to our home environment, a place where we spend at least ⅓ of our time. The #1 recommendation among those who study and analyze the source of toxins at home is to get a HEPA filter and clean your home air as much as possible so that you can sleep and live at least part of the time without exposure to toxins that will trigger inflammation.

Of course if you’re going to address inflammation then you have to get serious about sugar and carbohydrates in general. Sugar, soft drinks, and too much fruit (fructose) and packaged foods with high fructose corn syrup are sources of inflammation above and beyond most anything else you ingest. Grains including refined flours are converted to sugar in your body very quickly and so have the same value as sugar in producing chronic inflammation. Your body sees blood sugar as the enemy and quickly generates cholesterol to fix the problem. That cholesterol of course attaches itself to your arteries and the story is clear from there.

Most people who completely eliminate all sources of sugar and grains from their diet report immediate drops in blood pressure and reduction or elimination of many of symptoms associated with autoimmune and inflammation.

And don’t underestimate the effects of caffeine. Not only does it activate your adrenals but most coffee beans come with a toxic mold content that will definitely trigger inflammation.

At the end of the day, eliminating a lot of things for 30 days or more is the best test you can use. If you feel better, and you most likely will, then you can decide whether feeling good and being healthy is more important to you than eating what you want.

Thank about it…

  • diabetes in America is growing so rapidly that healthcare and government are concerned about how we will pay for it
  • heart disease and cancer are growing at an alarming rate
  • obesity and even childhood obesity are growing also at an alarming rate

We can’t ignore these “big picture” issues that we may have escaped for now, but may discover shortly to be a major factor in our own personal health.



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Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals “EDC”s – A story about those who poison the environment and then sell you medications to make you well


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals is the subject of a study completed by Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D., a professor of integrative biology at the University of California. This article tells the story of how Hayes was hired by Syngenta to study the effects of Atrazine and when he would not comply with their wishes, went on to complete his own research to expose not only the serious threat to society but the way in which companies like Syngenta among others poison our environment and then sell us medications to counteract the effects.

Read Dr. Mercola’s article HERE.

If you haven’t been reading my articles on this website, I will simply summarize that anything in our environment or food system that causes inflammation causes obesity, diabetes, Alzheimers, heart disease, auto-immune disease, and more. Chronic inflammation IS chronic disease.


Lessons Learned from the FAT SUMMIT 2 – Bottom Line


It’s advice like this that is causing the problem.

50% of Americans either have diabetes, early stage diabetes, or metabolic syndrome which is the precursor to diabetes.

Do we really believe that the current advice on diet is working?

The Fat Summit

The Fat Summit 2 was a collection of interviews with leading experts around the world on the subject of diet, obesity, diabetes, fat, and carbohydrates. The overall conclusions and research-based findings are astounding.

The Prevailing Advise About Diet is Wrong

The American Diabetes association is still recommending you eat 60% carbohydrates and before they had insulin doctors would prescribe low carbohydrate diets with plenty of fat – up to 70% of the diet. And many patients were cured long before insulin which definitely doesn’t cure anyone.

It is abundantly clear that eating fat doesn’t make you fat, and this is supported by scientific studies, and eating carbohydrates does – also supported by plenty of scientific evidence.

The Big Scam

So continuing to feed you carbohydrates when they’re making you sick and killing you is a great plan if you’re selling insulin and related products. But insulin doesn’t cure diabetes. In fact it makes it worse over time and eventually kills you.

What About Insulin?

So insulin doesn’t cure diabetes, it simply gives you a way to handle excess blood sugar caused by the wrong diet. And it causes a host of other health issues which eventually kill you. Diabetics who take insulin don’t get better. And eventually the other side effects and conditions cause you to need other drugs – ie. diabetic nerve pain, etc.

After 1922

Ever since insulin has come on the scene, type 2 diabetes and obesity along with heart disease, cancer, and more have steadily increased at geometric rates. Coincidence?

Before that time, our cure for diabetes which worked was low carb high fat diet. Carbs cause blood sugar which causes insulin which stores fat – real simple, not rocket science. And insulin also inhibits leptin, the hormone that tells the brain “you’re full” so we don’t get fat.

Eating Fat Makes You Fat

In fact this has been disproven many times over. And beyond that, carbohydrates is the only food type that has no minimum daily requirement – the human body literally doesn’t need them.

Eating carbohydrates drive up and spikes your blood sugar causes insulin.

Eating fat does not affect your blood sugar at all, creates more ketones and your brain and organs of the body love ketones – this is their natural energy source – not glucose.

But people who advocate fat makes you fat don’t distinguish between good fats and bad. Until the last century we didn’t have many sources for bad fats available to us. We didn’t have vegetable oils including corn oils, and we did’t have packaged foods. So our sources of bad fat have only grown relatively recently.

Meanwhile olive oil, low-mercury fish, coconut oil, avocado oil, and avocados are just a few of the abundant sources of high quality fats. Nothing wrong with pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed beef either.

Best Diet for Diabetics and Obesity

Advice from the American Diabetes association aside, the experts are starting to recommend 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs. Now if you’re taking insulin you can’t go cold turkey on carbs. You have to make this change slowly and stay under your doctor’s supervision meaning monitor your blood sugar constantly and don’t just shoot insulin according to the old formula without checking.

Most patients have reported getting off insulin within 6 months or less.

And you’ll find this approach will cause you to lose a lot of weight as well. Carbs make you fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat.

The Role of Proteins

Sure you need proteins but how much? Proteins have their own share of carbohydrates and fat. The fat can be healthy if you’re eating grass-fed beef or pasture-raised chicken and eggs, but too much protein can increase your inflammation and that’s not going to help you with hunger or pain.

Changes to Make

Here’s a quick bullet list of changes to make:

  • Eat fat with all your vegetables – put a little olive oil on your veggies or some grass-fed butter. Always eat vegetables with fat.
  • Stop eating grains of any kind and stop eating processed grains including cereals or anything in a box.
  • Stop drinking sodas and stop putting sugar on or in everything.
  • Minimize fruit at least until you get results.
  • Double up on veggies – steamed, raw, salads, etc.
  • Reduce your meat consumption to 15-25% and replace it with veggies to keep you full.
  • Eat a main meal at midday. Eat your lightest meal in the evening.
  • Engage in periodic fasting by skipping a meal.
  • Drink lots of water.

A Letter from Your Grandchildren



Dear Grand Dad or Mom:

I wanted to give you this letter while you still have a chance of reading and understanding it.

I don’t appreciate what you did to us – your grandchildren.

First, you completely ignored everyone who told you to stop eating junk food and toxic food, and kept eating high carbohydrate foods with flour and sugar, and lots of bad chemicals until your brain started to malfunction and then you couldn’t make good decisions anymore and you still ignored all of the research and medical advice saying you were too old to change.

Second, you completely ignored your responsibility to be healthy and happy for your children and grandchildren so we wouldn’t have to take care of you as you got older. Do you really think we like having you in a bed in our house with breathing machines and IVs so that our parents have to take care of you day and night just to keep you alive? And all of this because you were too stubborn to just listen to what everyone was telling you?

Third, you were too old and too tired even at 50 years old to play with us and take us places. What do you think your job is anyway?

We just don’t see how you could possibly do this. Everyone even in your time knew that eating refined foods of any kind was bad for you. You ate sugar and the glucose gave you brain fog and then Alzheimers. You ate flour and the carbs deteriorated your gut and made your immune system malfunction so that you always had the flu or a cold, or some kind of illness. What, did you think these things were random or just came with getting older? And then finally you ate until you had type 2 diabetes and then instead of stopping, you took insulin – how silly can you get?

Now you’re so obese that you can hardly move and still you’re not listening to anyone. Obesity is a disease caused by leptin and insulin resistance and that’s caused by eating all the packaged foods and junk you eat. Why didn’t you care enough to stop eating all that junk so you could be well and spend time with us?

Don’t you like us?

Look, Grandpa, you’re only 50 and we know you think it’s over, but it’s not. Get your head out of your ##### and wakeup and smell the coffee.

Read this blog.


The Ketonic Diet


If you suffer from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, or any of the other chronic non-contagious diseases including metabolic syndrome which sort of encompasses them all, you should study and learn more about the ketonic diet. It’s not just a weight loss diet but it can have that side effect. It’s actually a get healthy diet.

What’s Ketonic?

It turns out the body wasn’t made to burn glucose – it’s the sugar we convert when we eat carbs like sugar, fructose from fruit, starches, and grains. Our body was actually made to burn ketones – a special molecule created in the liver from eating healthy fats.

What’s Different About a Ketonic Diet?


A ketonic diet requires less carbs and more healthy fat. Sources like avocado, coconut, olives and olive oil are examples of healthy fat but there are many other sources.

Carbs cause inflammation and inflammation affects all of the systems in the body creating a multitude of slowly progressing illnesses depending on the organ affected first.

Carbs were never a natural part of the human diet until the last hundred years where refined and packaged foods became more prevalent.

Tracking Your Carbs is Essential

You can use strips to test your urine for ketosis and you can easily track you foods for net carbs using the online. Cronometer.

You place yourself in nutritional ketosis by focusing your eating on reducing carbs and taking yourself on packaged foods, and flour, and sugar is a good start.


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Consciousness and Health


Sometimes when you’re ill and suffering, it’s hard to step way back and look at the bigger picture, but research shows that those who do tend to heal themselves outside the normal medical models. This alone demonstrates a relationship between consciousness and health.

What is Consciousness?

The simplest of definitions is that it’s a state of being awake and aware of our surroundings. Taken a little deeper, it’s the awareness and perception of something. For example, when we’re AWARE of a pain, then we feel it, but when for some reason we’re not aware of a pain, then we don’t feel it. Our awareness and perception of a thing makes it real.

Sometimes we just know something is going to happen – intuition, insight, hunch or whatever the source, when you’re aware or perceive something is going to happen it seems to have a much higher probability of happening in fact.

I’ve noticed that when I have something painful, if I focus on the pain it gets worse and if I focus on something else, it gets better.

I’ve had tinnitus for years and read extensively from people who have suffered and even some who’ve committed suicide to end their suffering. But early on a very wise tinnitus sufferer shared with me that he had learned to control his tinnitus by placing his mental focus – his consciousness – elsewhere. It took me a while but today I don’t hear the ringing unless I think about it. Otherwise it is absolutely absent from my day to day activities.

Awareness and perception are a tool at our command that gives us great power if we direct it and provides great suffering if we do not.

Affects of Consciousness

Over 7 years ago, Dr. Masuro Emoto demonstrated the effect of consciousness on water. The crystal at the opening of this article demonstrates the impact of the thought of gratefulness and the phrase “Thank you” on water.

As our bodies are 98% water, it seems to be a scientific fact that our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness affect our entire body.

Thoughts are often fleeting and not sustained. Emotions can last a little longer but are rarely experienced day in and day out. But consciousness is the background of thinking and emotions that is with us silently and continuously.

“Positive Thinking” generally doesn’t pass the test because it is shallow and superficial – it is something we do to counteract something we feel is influencing our lives – something we are conscious of and suffer from it’s ill effects. So generally our underlying consciousness of the problem is much more powerful and long lasting as compared to a short burst of positive thinking.

Dr. Emotos scientific experiments really leave absolutely not doubt that our general consciousness deeply impacts our body and its chemistry. It is the closest explanation for self-fulfilling prophecy that has ever been presented by the scientific community.

And science has already taken us further in helping us to understand that our bodies do not end at our skin. We are in fact energy beings and we are a part of a measurable field that connects us to a much greater field that what we can physically observe that ends at our skin.

Examples of Consciousness


Fear – Einstein once said he thought the most important question was “Is it safe?” – and perhaps you would agree because if the answer is “yes” then you’ll go about your life trusting and opening yourself to experiences and risks that you might not have experienced had your answer been “no.” A “no” answer to the question means that you’re live your life with a background of fear and distrust – you’ll establish defenses against perceived threats and put more energy and effort in to ensuring the safety of yourself and family. (a person who answer this question “no” would now be saying, “And what’s wrong with that?)


Optimism – a truly optimistic person seeing obstacles and setbacks as opportunities. They see the positive in everything and feel grateful for challenges to exercise their coping skills. Their optimism isn’t just an occasional event, but rather a state of mind and the background against which all things are judged.

18pwa1wo2e8lhjpgOld and Sick – I’m just old and sick and that’s what happens when you get older – nothing I can do about that – I’m helpless – I’ve eaten poorly all my life and it’s too late to start now. I’m just going to have to hobble around until I die because that’s what my parents and friends have all done. The body wears out. I can feel it.

cc997dad16d64e14b391ab015dbec5c2Gratefulness – a grateful person lives their life saying “thank you.” They don’t take things for granted or feel entitled. Many grateful people attribute their good fortune to God and don’t complain when things are tough.


Absence of Abundance – there was a time when we felt like everything was ours and anything we wanted was provided. The older we got, the less we felt that way. As we became adults, most of us were more conscious of what we wanted and didn’t have. We began to relate to the world in terms of what we needed and didn’t have. Without really realizing it, our consciousness became about lack and that became the background against which we lived our lives – striving to get what we didn’t have but needed. There are certain cultures that try to shield their people from the images and exposure to all the things that other cultures have. The purpose is clearly to allow the people to live their lives inside a consciousness not built around a lack of abundance.


Limitations – again we were born with an unlimited consciousness and then proceeded a 10-20 year period in which we learned about our limitations. We became believers in limitation although we hear stories almost weekly of people in all walks of life who refused to believe in limits or limitations. Those who have walked on fire know how tenuous is the definition of limitation. It definitely exists within our minds but not our energy bodies. To say that we didn’t live our lives inside a constant awareness or consciousness of our limitations would be foolish. We see this in almost every endeavor we make. Great leaders challenge us by making unreasonable demands. And sometimes our performance surprises even us.

Consciousness as Context

A context is the bottle in which we hold the water. Context is a point of view that organizes everything else.

So if we live in a consciousness of fear, we organize everything else we see based on that perception and we see things consistent with it and we don’t see things that are inconsistent.

The Heisenberg Principle, a very important discovery from Quantum Physics tells us that we basically see what we look for. When we look for particles to behave like particles, they do. When we look for them to behave like waves or energy, they do. This gives way to a theory of the universe sometimes called “uncertainty” or the idea that the observer (us) has a bearing on what shows up not only at a sub-atomic level and at the level of the world we know and function within.

So in the world of quantum physics, the world performs within a context that we create and we create that context from a variety of interactions of our consciousness of things being a certain way.

Energy Beings

One of the greatest discoveries of the last few decades, is the revelation that what we consider to be empty space – because we can’t see anything in that space – is actually filled with an enormous energy field.

Our bodies are one type of energy – water – that is very pliable – it has proven to be heavily at the whim of our consciousness – our state of mind – and we generally think about our body as ending at our skin, however, although that might be true as a physical reality of what we perceive through our eyes, it’s definitely not true based on what we measure.

We have this growing body of phenomena – things we can’t explain that don’t seem to follow the physical laws – and can be explained if we integrate the energy field and uncertainty principle into our thinking. We mostly can’t even see things that occur and are outside our understanding of how our world works and the limitations of our body and reality.

If I wanted to limit and hold bound a being with unlimited capability and energy, I would simply convince them that they were limited and let them create their own cage in which to live.

Consciousness Creates

Holding a view of any of the examples of consciousness continuously will make that condition occur in your life. Holding a consciousness of illness and aging will create that context and attract things to create and expand your aging and illness.

The secret is to realize that you can either continue to create the consciousness that is making you ill, or choose a different picture and create that. It takes a tremendous amount of focus and courage to create an imagine and feeling that the current facts do not support. The fear of disappointment is a strong motivator and a lack of belief in how things actual work in the energy universe is a hard thing to overcome.

That’s why a lot of people call it faith. It’s creating a reality that doesn’t seem to exist and has no support based on the current facts.

Why should I condition by whole body – my 98% water body that responds to every thought, every emotion, good or bad, to something that doesn’t currently appear real? What if I just waste my time and in the end disappoint myself?

Isn’t that the best prison you could ever imagine or build for the ultimate energy being?

But people who focus on a strong image of health get healthier. And those that focus on a strong image of abundance get more abundant.

The reason it’s so uncommon is because it’s uncommon. That is, it’s uncommon for people to have the courage to believe the opposite of what their schools, their jobs, and their parents and friends have taught them all their lives. It appears to be a complete departure from the truth.

“if you keep saying something long enough it becomes the truth. And the truth sounds like a lie.” – Werner Eehard

But why can’t we turn that around? Keep saying the truth long enough  until it becomes the truth and what we consider to be the truth today becomes the lie?


Consciousness and Chronic Illness

We have a growing worldwide epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease, Alzheimers, dementia, and neurological disorders like MS, Fibromyalgia, and more. We also have thousands of doctors world wide who are curing these illnesses. What keeps us from seeing what’s already possible for illness we consider to be aging?

What is the truth that sounds like a lie?


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Egg Labelling – Understanding Eggs


Looking at our food sources and labelling is a start on becoming smarter buyers. If you’ve been following my posts you know that eggs are an important part of our diet for health-over-70.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

The difference in eggs can be quite dramatic based on the sources you select.

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene


The key to gaining the above benefits and avoiding all the toxins and additives including GMOs is to understand what the labelling means because these are definitely used to mislead you into thinking your getting what you want – something that doesn’t compromise on your health. In order to produce healthy eggs, chickens was be exposed to the outdoors and sunlight for close to 8 hours a day, be able to scratch on the ground, eat seeds, worms, and grubs, take dust baths and spread their wings – in other words, do all of the things that are normal and natural for hens. If you see a light yellow yolk then chances are that regardless of the label you don’t have that.

  • “Cage-Free”: Hens are uncaged inside barns, but they generally do not have access to the outdoors. They can engage in many of their natural behaviors such as walking, nesting and spreading their wings. Beak cutting is permitted. There is no third-party auditing.
  • “Certified Organic”: Hens are uncaged inside barns, and are required to have outdoor access. However, the amount (space-wise), duration, and quality of outdoor access is not defined. Hens are fed an organic, all-vegetarian diet free of antibiotics and pesticides. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing.
  • “Free-Range” or “Free-Roaming”: The USDA has defined the terms of “free-range” for some poultry products, but there are no standards regarding “free-range” egg production. Free-range hens are typically uncaged inside barns and have some outdoor access. Again, the amount, duration or quality of outdoor access is not defined. Since they are not caged, they can engage in many natural behaviors such as nesting. This is very important: there are no restrictions regarding what the birds can be fed, and there is no third-party auditing. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. (Kind of sounds like anything goes, huh?)
  • “Certified Humane” (a program of Humane Farm Animal Care): Hens are not caged, but may be kept indoors at all times. They must be able to perform natural behaviors such as nesting, perching, and dust bathing. There are requirements for stock density (the number of hens within a given area), and number of perches and nesting boxes available for the hens. Forced molting through starvation is prohibited, but beak cutting is allowed. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing.
  • “Animal Welfare Approved” (a program of the Animal Welfare Institute): The birds are cage-free and continuous outdoor perching access is required. They must be able to perform natural behaviors such as nesting, perching and dust bathing. There are requirements for stocking density, perching, space and nesting boxes. Birds must be allowed to molt naturally and beak cutting is prohibited. These are the highest animal welfare standards of any third-party auditing program.
  • “American Humane Certified” (a program of the American Humane Association): Hens may be caged or cage-free. Hens that are confined in these so-called “furnished cages” have about the space of a legal-sized sheet of paper (“humane certified,” eh?). These cages are detrimental to animal welfare, and they are opposed by nearly every major US and EU animal welfare group. Forced molting through starvation is prohibited, but beak cutting is allowed. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing.
  • “Food Alliance Certified” (a program of the Food Alliance): The birds are cage-free and access to outdoors or natural daylight is required. They must be able to perform natural behaviors such as nesting, perching and dust bathing. There are specific requirements for stocking density, perching, space and nesting boxes. Starvation-based molting is prohibited. Beak cutting is allowed. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing. Food Alliance Certified is a program of the Food Alliance.
  • “United Egg Producers Certified” (a program of the United Egg Producers): The overwhelming majority of the U.S. egg industry complies with this voluntary program, which permits routine cruel and inhumane factory farm practices. Hens laying these eggs have 67 square inches of cage space per bird, less area than a sheet of paper. The hens are confined in restrictive, barren battery cages and cannot perform many of their natural behaviors, including perching, nesting, foraging or even spreading their wings. Compliance is verified through third-party auditing. Forced molting through starvation is prohibited, but beak cutting is allowed. This is a program of the United Egg Producers.
  • “Vegetarian-Fed”: These birds’ feed does not contain animal byproducts, but this label does not have significant relevance to the animals’ living conditions.
  • “Natural”: This term has no relevance to animal welfare. It simply means that nothing was added to the egg, such as flavorings, brines or coloring.
  • “Omega-3 Enriched”: Hens are fed a diet enriched with omega-3s. However, they are typically poor-quality sources of omega-3 fats that are already oxidized. Interestingly, omega-3 eggs have been shown to be far more perishable than non-omega-3 eggs. This term has no relevance to animal welfare.
  • “No added hormones”: This term is really just a marketing tactic as all farmers are legally prohibited from giving hormones to chickens. If present on a label, this term must be followed by a statement that says “Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones” (or something along those lines).

Now that you see the problems with labelling, you can probably guess that any certification or compliance reviews are not reliable as well. Even the USDA lays off certification and inspection to third parties.

Bottom Line

You #1 best source for eggs is a local farmer that you can visit and review their practices. If you can see the hens grazing across open fields of green, having access to fresh water, and not being feed GMO grains, then you stand a better chance of getting what you want even if you have to drive 50 miles, than taking a chance with product from a retailer who really doesn’t care what the label means.

Your next best approach is to find a local farmer’s market and speak to the owners about how they raise their hens. Many local farmers are too small to afford the USDA Organic certification, however, if you review their practices yourself often you’ll find that they adhere to every requirement and more.

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